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Ways to avoid eating junk food

Junk Food

By Mutiat Alli

If you have problems keeping away from junk food, your approach is wrong.

Eating junk food is a habit that you can’t quit using willpower.

You realize what’s best for your health. However putting it into practice is often a different story.

How do you quit eating junk food? Here are several ways. Have a Reason- Why do you want to quit eating junk food?

Less fat? More health? Lower cholesterol? Have a reason to quit. Write it on a piece of paper & look at it every day.

This will act as a constant reminder of your goal.

Make a Plan- Quitting junk foods means a change of lifestyle: What food will you eat? What will you cook?

What will you eat at work? Make a plan that has everything: diet, grocery list, and schedule. • Be Confident- Don’t believe the hype. Quitting junk food is easy.

Your body doesn’t need it. If it could choose, it’d go for clean foods. As long as you’re giving your body what it needs, you’ll be OK. If not: it’s in your head.

Take Action- Don’t sit there waiting. If you want to change your eating habits do something about it.

Go to the grocery Cook your food Prepare meals for work Common sense, but worth repeating.

If the fridge is empty or if you don’t take food to work, you’ll end up eating junk food. Be ready, be prepared. Take action.

Get into Sports- Sport is healthy. When you get into sports, you’ll have the tendency to watch your nutrition too. Which sport? Up to you.

I recommend Strength Training 😉 • Choose your Environment- Your environment influences your habits.

Choose one that helps you achieving your goal. Remove the junk food from your house, stop buying it, say no to eating at McDonald’s daily. Read your goal.

What’s more important for you? Win or lose, your choice.

Enjoy Food- Healthy food is not about eating steamed veggies. Healthy food is tasty, as tasty as junk food once you’ve adapted.

The trick is to know how to cook. Cooking is a skill. You can learn it. Check Yahoo! Food for recipes & get Books on Cooking.

Eat Junk Food- You don’t need to ban junk food from your life. As long as you eat healthy 90% of the time you’ll be ok.

One method is to eat clean during the whole week & then take a Sunday afternoon junk fest.

The longer you eat healthy, the more you’ll have adverse effects to junk food. Taste adapts.

With time you’ll be glad to eat junk food, but you’ll also be glad to go back to clean food.

Watch Super Size Me- If you haven’t seen this movie yet, do it now. You know junk food is unhealthy.

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But how much? Meet Super Size Me: let’s eat McDonald’s 3 times a day & see what happens. Control Yourself- Sometimes you’ll be tempted to eat junk food.

Control yourself. Think. Why did you quit in the first place. What do you prefer?

Eating junk food or achieving your goal? Don’t say you don’t care. You do, I know you do. You know what you should be doing.

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