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War Room: Truly, prayer and faith works

War Room is a Christian movie that centers on the power of prayer and faith. Elizabeth (Priscilla Shirer), a hard working real estate agent is aware that her marriage is almost at its breaking point. Her no-nonsense new client, Miss Clara (Karen Abercrombie) wants to talk less about selling her house and more about Elizabeth’s relationship with Christ.
When Elizabeth confesses that she’s unhappy, and only attends church when it fits her schedule, Miss Clara explains how she found happiness. Taking a cue from her late husband (who was a battle strategist during the Vietnam War), Miss Clara discovered she needed a space in which she could plan her actions. She turned her closet into a war room and there she prayed and prayed. This apparently does the miracle she wanted. After a period of consideration, Elizabeth follows suit, as she shouts Satan out of her home with serious prayers. It was a good timing as her no-good husband, Tony was just about to start a sexual relationship with a work associate, but then can’t because he gets a stomach ache. Tony (T.C. Stallings, a pharmaceutical sales representative) eventually got fired due to some unusual invoicing. Elizabeth didn’t get angry at him, even when he thought she would and like magic, all of his bad traits quickly disappeared. He then begged for forgiveness, prays and even gave back stolen drugs back to his bosses (who didn’t press charges, because he seemed so sad). Earlier on, Elizabeth happens a stinking feet and the movie ends with Tony washing them in a nice Mary Magdalene moment.
The director of this movie, Alex Kendrick did a great job as he brought into set wonderful characters with the likes of Priscilla c. Shirer, T.C Stallings, Karen Abercrombie, Beth Moore, Jadin Harris, Alena Pitts and many more. The movie lasted for two hours with a great background, and am very certain that people would love to watch it over and over again.
This tremendous movie deserves 9/10.

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