Visa Ban: Nigerians are most educated immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa in US, Fareed Zakaria blasts Trump

Fareed Zakaria-DailyTimes

Fareed Zakaria, a CNN presenter has criticized President Donald Trump over the immigrant visa ban imposed on Nigeria, saying that Nigerians are the most educated immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa in the United States.

Fareed Zakaria-DailyTimes

Nigeria and 5 other countries were slammed with visa restrictions from the US government in February for a range of reasons stemming from overstays and poor intelligence sharing.

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Citing a data from CATO institute, Zakaria said four of the six countries listed in the ban, Nigeria, Myanmar, Tanzania and Eritrea, had no records on terror-related deaths caused by foreign-born attackers between 1975 and 2017.

He went on to list some of the achievements of Nigerian immigrants in the US saying;

“They are some of the most educated immigrants in America. “According to the Migration Policy Institute, 59% of Nigerian immigrants age 25 or older in the US hold at least a Bachelors degree, which is nearly doubled the proportion of the Americans born in the US (33%),” Zakaria said.

“Nigerian immigrants tend to work high skilled jobs, 54% are in largely white-collar positions in business, management, science and the art compared to the 39% of people born in the US,” he added. This, according to Zakaria’s analysis, means that Nigerian immigrants have significant spending power.

The American journalist also cited a new report by the New American Economy which states that Nigerian immigrants in the US in 2018 made more than $14 billion and paid more than $4 billion in taxes.

The report also states that Nigerian diaspora around the world sent back almost $24 billion in remittances, contributing to the Nigerian economy that is “more dynamic than many people, including Trump himself realized.”

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