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Venezuelan diplomat questions Cape Verde ovee UN human rights committee decision

Alex Saab, Venezuela

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela expresses its categorical rejection of the British Government’s decision on seeking to impose unilateral sanctions against the citizen Alex Saab, the Venezuelan diplomat subjected to judicial persecution by the United States government.

This decision, contrary to International Law, reflects the immorality of the British Government in establishing itself as a supposed anti-corruption judge in the world, while acting as one of the main elements responsible for the theft of assets belonging to all Venezuelan citizens.

The damage in human lives and limitations for the attention to the pandemic as a consequence of the seizure and confiscation of resources of Venezuela in the United Kingdom, must be investigated and punished.

The current British Government is the main party responsible for this assault, and sooner or later, will have to be accountable and render accounts before international justice.

The imposition of sanctions on citizens who were dedicating themselves to facilitating access to food for the Venezuelan people bypassing and circumventing the limitations of the United States inhumane blockade, is a criminal act that corresponds to the failed strategy of generating damage to the institutional framework of Venezuela, leaving in evidence, once again, the erratic British policy towards Venezuela.

The Government of the Bolivian Republic of Venezuela will continue to denounce the shameless and brazen action of the British Government before the International Community.

Their current actions are nothing short of its pirates and corsairs, always coveting the resources of others, outside of International Law and civility.

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