Uproar over fresh quit notice to Fulanis from Hausa land



The dust being raised by the recent outbursts, asking Fulanis to vacate Hausa land is yet to settle. Sequel to this, a Northern statesman, who believes in the unity and corporate existence of Nigeria, Mallam Umar Mustapha Madawaki (Otumba) has fingered Achadu Gabriel as a hit man at the forefront of drumming the needless ‘war’.

Umar criticised the statement credited to Achadu as unfortunate. Umar said Achadu is a hatchet man, anarchist, tribal jingoist, frontline warmonger, who is well-known to always carry out demeaning jobs for economic reasons.

According to him Achadu as a messenger of doom has failed at this point in time over his mission to create discontent amongst the Hausa and Fulani, and his evil intentions will never succeed.

“We know your plans, we have de-coded you and your sponsors. The Hausa/Fulani are united not by tribal inclination but by religious connotations. Nothing, I mean nothing can change that, not your collective hypocrisy and subversive activities.” Umar said.

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Umar emphasised that kidnapping and other related criminalities are not the monopoly of one tribe. Those who took interest and dared the Nigerian state came from various if not all tribes. The Fulanis may have dominated the venture by virtue of so many adduced reasons.

“Mind you, the Fulanis can be found in almost every state of the federation, why are other tribes not looking at the scenario from Achadu’s perspective? Why must Achadu even champion the course of echoing the problem instead of downplaying it for peace to reign, especially considering our national security situations.

“Achadu is playing a script, with a venomous intent of kick starting the so-called tribal war so that other tribes will follow suit and the Fulani as a tribe will be targeted nationally. Only an insane fool will expose the innocent lives of more than 17 million people for no reason other than hate.

“The Fulanis were at least prior to their recent unexplainable behavioral volta-face, judged as the shyest, most loyal, most communal, drug free, highly sociable, and crime free people, in addition to being highly educated, progressive, organised and contributors to the national economy.

“For over 100 years, they singlehandedly produced meat and milk , from the Western Sudanese states to what is now Nigeria, indisputably the most important needs of humanity for survivability,” he said

He blamed Achadu for stooping low by becoming a stooge for some enemies of Nigeria and ignorant to know that kidnapping is not the only negative vice prevalent in this country.

“All of these did not warrant any tribal wars except kidnapping and banditry, an all pervasive, all inclusive crime for every tribe, men and women, young and old. The grand plan by the political elites to eliminate the Fulani as a race has been in existence for so many years.The systematic yet one sided exposure of the race over the years is unfair, anti-social and unacceptable,” he added

Umar during a an interview with Daily Times, said the likes of Achadu should be arrested and tried in a competent court, convicted for crimes relating to fuelling social upheavals, tribal hatred, political discontent and mutiny.

“These type of individuals are a menace to society, they do not wish the country nor her citizens well. Freedom of expression is guaranteed, in so far as the utterances are guided and are in the interest of all or at least the majority, otherwise such freedom should not be guaranteed after they are expressed,” he stated.

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