Unsub Africa protects survivors of gender based violence

The campaign against gender based violence in Africa has received a boost in recent times with the emergence of the Unsub Africa platform, an initiative to combat GBV & also lend an helping hand to survivors.

While the platform has embarked on public awareness, sensitization & also organizing outreaches in schools with the recent workshop held at the University of Ibadan.

According to the project lead, Khadijah Mohammed-Awwal who made this known during an interview on Nigerian info fm, provision has been made to support & protect survivors of gender based violence by maintaining confidentiality as regards their plights.In the words of the human rights activist, ‘we consider confidentiality a very key component of our work, we also understand that these institutions & organizations signed up on the platform also understand that’.She revealed that the best is done to protect any information revealed by a survivor as they are given all the help, support & attention that they require.She made it known that when a report is made on the Unsub platform, it is not shared with a third party, but only made available to a key administrator who is discreet.This helps to keep survivors save & aids their healing process.The information is usually verified by the key administrator (a government agency) & the reporter is usually protected from further harm.The report is usually assigned to the organization which is the best to handle such cases & the procedures for justice to take place kicks off.

Unsub Africa is putting all required efforts to provide a friendly environment for survivors to share their story, seek support & become better individuals.It is worthy to note that survivors can report cases through the platform’s website & application to seek help.

The platform which is powered by The Cans Foundation, headed by Jide Abiose is leaving no stone unturned in tackling gender based violence in the African society & making it a better place.This is a laudable move which is of great benefit to the society at large.

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