Ugur Coban’s music making waves Kurdish and Turkish communities

Uğur Çoban’s music video “Şevko,” released in 2022, quickly amassed millions of views, generating significant excitement among Kurdish and Turkish communities.

This song, steeped in tradition, is often danced to in the city of Urfa, Turkey. Uğur successfully added a modern touch to this traditional music by incorporating his own instrumental influences, a choice that delighted his fans.

Impact and Reception

Before the release of “Şevko,” this traditional music was not widely known in Europe.

However, the impact of the video was such that it became indispensable at events, to the point where no party or celebration took place without “Şevko” being played. Many fans shared the video with Rodi, a very popular Kurdish influencer, who greatly appreciated the song.

Rodi often posted videos of himself dancing to “Şevko” on his social media, contributing to the song’s visibility and success.

Recognizing Rodi’s impact, Uğur decided to invite him to participate in his second “Şevko” video, offering a surprise to his fans and accelerating the release of this new project.Biography of Uğur ÇobanBorn on April 5, 1987, in Paris, Uğur Çoban comes from a modest Alevi family.

He is the son of Nazengul and Ali Riza and has two sisters, Yelda and Yeliz. After spending a few months in a small apartment in Paris’s 10th arrondissement, his family moved to Sarcelles in the Val d’Oise, where Uğur grew up.

From a young age, Uğur was immersed in music thanks to his father, a passionate lover of traditional Turkish and Kurdish music.

His father, Ali Riza, played the “saz,” a traditional instrument, and was inspired by great musicians like Abdullah Papur, Davud Sulari, and Ali Ekber Çiçek to perfect his art. Uğur thus grew up surrounded by the traditional songs his father sang, which profoundly influenced his musical journey.

In 1993, at the age of 6, Uğur began learning to play the saz under his father’s tutelage.
Although left-handed, he learned to play the instrument with his right hand, following his father’s advice, who believed this would make it easier for him to play other instruments in the future.


The success of Uğur Çoban’s “Şevko” illustrates how modernizing traditional music can reach a broad audience and transcend cultural boundaries.
Through modern influences and intelligent promotion via social media and collaborations, Uğur managed to popularize a traditional song while paying homage to his roots.

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