Ugandan parliamentarians demand bigger, longer condoms


By Tom Okpe

The Ugandan parliament has called for bigger and longer condoms, saying the ones presently in circulation in the country are smaller, and shorter for its men.

The parliamentarians complained that the product keeps disappearing from their rest rooms, as members keep taking them away, especially the male representatives.

A monitored broadcast on Sunday by a parliamentary reporter, Agnes Nadutu, members of parliament in the HIV-AIDS committee have received a deluge of complaints that the available condoms in the market are too small for Ugandan men’s sexual organs.

The MPs expressed this concern during a review of findings from the fields on sexual activities in the country, with the youth population complaining that the condoms in the market are not big enough for their organs.

A submission by Municipal MP, Medapo Biterkyerezo, monitored on by our Correspondent, “Some of the condoms in Uganda are too short, and couldn’t fit on them very well during sexual activities. That’s why, we think, something must be done, immediately.”

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Also speaking with journalists, MP Tom Aza, of West Moyo, said men and youth in Karamoja, South Sudan and Uganda are known for bigger sexual organs, so they should be considered for bigger condoms by the manufacturers.

“The condoms in parliament are mostly, taken by parliamentarians, whose wives are in the rural areas, constituencies and other places for use; as they are humans,” calling for increase in the supply to the parliament.

He lamented that supplies keep disappearing from parliament because of higher demands saying, “condoms supplied to parliament must be increased and kept in safe places.”

The parliament is however, worried that with the small size condoms in circulation, the people are exposed to the dreaded HIV- AIDS in the country.

It directed the nation’s drug authority and other relevant bodies involved in fighting the HIV-AIDS scourge in the country to step in and find a lasting solution to the problem.

In her contribution, a female MP, Sarah Netalisileh of Mamfua District, noted that, “Young boys and girls should be given the rightful sexual protection aides to prevent their exposure to the scourge.

“Quality condoms should be given to young boys, who have large sexual organs that will fit them very well, during sexual activities,” she stated.

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