Two lesbian women escape being Lynched


On April 18th 2023, two women escaped being lynched by an angry mob after getting caught in bed as queer in sexual act in Ibadan Oyo state where homosexuality is a serious and insidious problem is punishable by law.

According to spectators and earwitness the woman whose name is Funmilola Adekanmi and partner Joy ajayi happens to be known cross dresser, transvestism women who got bombard in a sexual act by the community mob as labeled abomination, lesbianism is treacherous and abominable act.

It was gathered that thy where both assaulted and tied to a tree as they’re being prayed upon to be delivered from evil spirits which was acclaimed by the mob to be the source of the two queer women being attracted to each other by committing homosexual.

It’s was decided by the community leader and local security mob that the two women are to be banished by leaving the community and never to return as they’re bad influence to their children, society and religion.

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Observers said these two women are lucky to have escaped being lynched as the security mob threaten and banished them never to return.

The Ibadan community decision makers have vowed to have this women hanged if thy dare make a return or found in the nearby community. Its such a pity as these two women would also face charges of 14 years imprisonment if convicted or caught by the police as it’s punishable by law in the country.

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