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Tunde Bakare declares war on Buhari’s administration, says no more presidential visit

Tunde Bakare

Tunde Bakare, the senior pastor of Citadel Global Community Church, has declared war on President Muhammadu Buhari’s dictatorship, stating that he will no longer pay him visits.

The furious preacher did not mention President Muhammadu Buhari by name in his recent outburst, but Mr. Bakare previously said that he visited Mr. Buhari to counsel him on national matters, but that the president frequently ignored his advice.

Mr. Bakare, who earlier claimed God warned him Buhari was going to stabilize Nigeria, said he was now ready for war and no longer interested in meeting with Mr. Buhari during a church service on Sunday.

“I’m not interested in meeting you any longer; no more visits. Now, it is war because Nigeria must be set free,” Mr. Bakare asserted in a bold statement likely targeted at Mr. Buhari.

He further stated, “I dare you to come after me since that is the usual style now. You might have done it to others. You are about to learn a lesson if you touch me.”

“If you know what I have done in secret, bring it to the open. I dare you to come after me if you can. I worked with you; I worked for you; I supported you to get there (where you are). When I talk now, I now have a smelly mouth.”

The cleric stressed that calls for secession were motivated by injustice and inequity.

“We must recognize that the agitation is the result of a lack of fairness and equity. Mr. Bakare believes that when there is justice and equity, agitation will subside. “How can you devote so much time and effort to Igboho and Kanu? Nigeria’s problems are not Igboho and Kanu. No one can prevent Nigeria from restructuring.”

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