Trillbjm: Nigerian techpreneur with a difference

Oyemonlan Benjamin Oseoje, aka Trillbjm, a few months ago joined Patricia, the fintech company that facilitates cryptocurrencies transactions.

Well, this did not actually came as a surprise to the business community as the move was seen by many as a natural progression for the budding techpreneur who already has a reputation as a crack software engineer.

Trillbjm, born and bred in Lagos and the second child of a family of five children, is well-educated and could count among his alma maters Mothercare Elementary School, CMS Grammar School, the University of Lagos and University of Michigan. As well, he has proven capability as an entrepreneur, having founded two thriving businesses, namely Fashionnova Nigeria, an online low-price fashion retail service and Auth Doc, a document authentication company.

Moreover, there are speculations that Trillbjm’s expertise as a software engineer is the driving force behind some fintech in the country.

Therefore, it wasn’t surprising to many that the young multiple-business owner, who considered Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg his business role models, was headhunted by Patricia.

Of the rumour that he co-founded a fintech, the serial entrepreneur refused to comment about it when a fan raised it during an Instagram Live chat. Instead, he simply said: “Many tech entrepreneurs, software developers, and other tech-inclined professionals look up to me regularly, hence, I have to constantly be in the forefront of driving the wide adoption of technology in this part of the world. I am also burdened with the responsibility of ensuring the pathway of the next generation of tech enthusiasts.”

Trillbjm also spoke of how his penchant for providing solutions to everyday problems had led him to new business ideas.

“For example, Auth Doc provides expert document authentication service to individuals and corporations. I knew first-hand the hurdles Nigerians have to scale daily in order to authenticate one document or the other, so after going through the frustration myself, I decided to provide solutions to many Nigerians and non-Nigerians, too, doing business in this country,” he explained.

In addition, Trillbjm also gave out hints on the best business advice he had received.

Which are; “Embrace Change. Employees Aren’t Family. Don’t Get Greedy. Focus on Value and Revenue will Follow. Never Be Complacent. Trust Can Always Be Built (and Manipulated). Never Stop Networking.

Leadership Determines the Success of the Business. Don’t speak just to say something. Do the hard things. Never make an important decision while emotional. If you’re not constantly being told ‘no,’ you’re not pushing hard enough. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

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