Toyota Century gets SUV version


Toyota is set to transform its most luxurious sedan, the Century, into a sport utility vehicle that will turn heads as it is expected to be fancier than the Land Cruiser.

The Century is Toyota’s incredibly fancy full-size luxury sedan that is only sold in Japan. It is Toyota’s equivalent of a Mercedes-Benz Maybach. and it is produced in very limited numbers. But there are indications that the incoming Century SUV will be made available in international markets, including the United States.

Unlike the Century sedan, it is not yet known if the SUV version will be available in Nigeria.Reports are saying they have seen Toyota testing a taller Century model that looks reminiscent of a Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

A report by says the new Century SUV will likely be based on the Highlander but should be longer than the donor vehicle and have two-row seating with ample legroom for rear passengers.

The Japanese publication Best Car Web states that Toyota has been very conservative with the Century brand. The sedan has only received two overhauls in a nearly 60-year production run. The last one came in 2018. The Best Car Website in Japan says the Century SUV will radically depart from the sedan. It will be less exclusive than the sedan and more of a vehicle that one would drive themselves.

It says the Century SUV will downsize from the previous V12 5.0-litre engine to a 3.5-litre V6 but keep the hybrid. This is the same setup currently used in the Lexus LS Hybrid and LC Hybrid. In those models, the powertrain delivers 354 horsepower.

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Toyota is said to think the V6 is plenty for personal use, and the extra cylinders will convince buyers to upgrade from the Crown, which uses a turbocharged four-pot.

The new Century SUV, according to the report, will be about eight inches longer than the J300 Land Cruiser with a six-inch longer wheelbase. But it will also be around an inch narrower and eight inches shorter height-wise.

Best Car Web expects the Century SUV to be released and move into production this year, in 2023.

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