Tosin Oyeniyi Showcase along other printmakers around the world at the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair

Woolwich, Tosin Oyeniyi

For its eighth edition, the largest fair solely dedicated to contemporary print, the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, is back! Expanding and improving upon its previous success, WCPF presents an amazing array of one thousand original artworks in a distinctive hybrid show with up-and-coming artists, well-known names, and specialized galleries. The Elizabeth line makes it simple to travel to the Fair from Central London.

A vibrant interactive program featuring talks, seminars, and live demonstrations by prominent curators, collectors, and creatives were available for visitors to enjoy in addition to affordable original prints by today’s most fascinating artists.

Participating in the recently concluded Woolwich Contemporary work Fair 2023 was Tosin Oyeniyi, whose work “ELDERS OF THE LAND” was chosen to be displayed among prints by other international printmakers. The event took place from October 26 to October 29, 2023.

Tosin enjoys collecting antiques, archiving, and art. Before moving to other areas of the nation, he spent his early and teenage years in Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria.

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After earning his first degree in Fine and Applied Arts from the esteemed Obafemi Awolowo University, where he specialized in Graphics, the methodical and innately gifted Print-Making Artist naturally took off.

Since then, Tosin Oyeniyi has persisted in using a similar but balanced blend of naturalism and post-expressionism to vividly and cleverly convey through prints to the rest of the world the rich and varied African beauty, stories, landscapes, and culture.

The extremely vivacious and independent-minded artist, who presently resides in Ibadan, is said to have begun her professional career in 2015.

He specifically aims to use art to show, project, and export to the rest of the world the rich, extensive, and severely undervalued African culture and customs. As he delves into the forgotten histories of Black people, he also shamelessly recounts his own unscripted socioeconomic development stages.

Tosin Oyeniyi
Tosin Oyeniyi

His art purposefully reflects and echoes the unpleasant circumstances faced by the impoverished, the struggles faced by an average African woman, the maze created by unschooled youngsters, and the frustration of the homeless.

On the other hand, he also exhibits the contentment of a typical African family, complete with shining, hopeful eyes, resplendent in their beautiful rural surroundings.

His art challenges preconceived notions about styles and final appearance, and it specifically explores Black people’s enduring desire for peaceful coexistence. It does this without being political by highlighting the affluence that can only be attained in a calm environment.

Tosin’s worldview is approachable because it depicts actual Black people’s lives in settings that are relevant to them, having grown up as an indigenous artist from a modest household and receiving a modern education.

His creative process is influenced by analogies that draw from the many connections between love, nature, culture, customs, rituals, and characteristics like bravery, humility, patience, and industry, according to credible sources. Reiterating that his artwork encompasses various genres such as landscape, abstract, still life, portrait, and nature.

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