Tiv, Fulani clash kills 11 people, others missing


It has been reported that an ethnic group clash between the Tiv and the Fulani peoples in the Gassol Local Government Area of Taraba State killed 11 persons with dozens of others being reported missing.

Local witnesses reported that a suspected Tiv hoodlum allegedly robbed and killed a Fulani man while he was heading home. Some Fulanis then retaliated and killed a number of Tiv people, resulting in the death of 10 more people on Tuesday.

David Korbee, a local resident, had his brother killed in the incident. He also said that two of his female children were still missing.

“We recovered six bodies yesterday (Tuesday) and buried them today (Wednesday),” Mr Korbee said. “This morning, the vigilantes found four more bodies in the bush and we intend to bury them this afternoon.

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“As we speak, many people are still missing and we can’t tell whether they are alive or dead. The Fulani attackers are hunting and killing people on their farms, so it is difficult to ascertain the actual casualty figures.”

Yahaya Rufai, a leader of the Bantaje Chiefdom, confirmed that the incident took place in his domain. He also reported that six farmers were killed at the borders of Gassol and Wukari local government areas.

The Tivs are predominantly Christians while Fulanis are mostly Muslims.

“Council lamented the gruesome murder, displacement, loss of lives and disintegration of human families, which have become a recurrent decimal in the national life of the country,” said the Christian Reformed Church Nigeria.

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