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Tips on how to refresh your Kitchen

Tired of the same old kitchen, but don’t want the hassle or price tag of an entire renovation? The kitchen is perhaps one of the most important places and the most visited part of your home. It is more than just where you pre­pare your meals and there­fore needs to look tidy at all times and refreshingly decorated If you think your kitchen needs a little spruce or a mini makeover, here are fun ways you can have that done on a small budget without robbing the bank.


  1. Give it a new coat of paint

The best way to decorate your kitchen is to begin with painting it. Painting hides old stains, and makes your kitchen look lively, and beau­tiful.


  1. Open season shelves

These type of shelves showcase two trends – open storage and cottage style in one installation. Support simple planks on purchased brackets. Let wall space dic­tate the dimensions.


  1. Add some light­ing

It’s not enough for your kitchen to have just one cen­tral light bulb. You can add beauty and life to your kitch­en by using under-cabinet lighting because this makes performing a countertop task easier and safer or even hang a pendant light.


  1. Get a grip

New hardware can up­date the look of your cabinet. Choose knobs and pulls that complement your kitchen’s style and other metal fin­ishes.


  1. Leave a mes­sage

This may not be Nigerian yet, but it does add fun and value to your kitchen. Chalk­board paints can make any surface such as your refrig­erator’s into a communica­tion tool. But if you don’t want to stain your kitchen facilities, you can create a special chalkboard corner where each day’s menu and shopping lists will be written.


  1. Use over-the-sink storage

It’s not only inside cup­boards or racks that pots and pans can be hung. Kitchen curtain rods can also be as twice useful as any other kitchen storage. So, install extra support brackets for heavy pans.


  1. Do the wrap­pings

Most shelves and cabinets come plain. Being aesthetic in your kitchen creates a sense of belonging and at­traction for you and visitors who may wish to take a peep there. Buy colouful wallpa­pers and line your cabinets, shelves and racks with them. Apply trim sheets with dou­ble-stick tape to update your look periodically.


  1. Add-on charac­ter

Customize cabinets with furniture-style details. This tradition example features pilaster moldings and blocky feet.


  1. Think of small appliances as deco­rative accessories.

An orange fridge might be too bold and too expen­sive but you can go nuts with everything else like a co­balt toaster, or a cherry red mixer. They are like jewelry for your kitchen, you can al­ways move them around or put them away.


  1. Place a rug in front of the sink.

It does double-duty by making your workstation more comfortable on your feet and adding a splash of color.

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