Threat to life: Forceful occult membership compels man to Flee

Itua Saturday Osekhanmen

A young man simply identified as Itua Saturday Osekhanmen has reportedly fled from his community in Ekpoma in Edo State following series of death threats to his life by members of the dreaded occult group, Reformed Ogboni Fraternity over his outright refusal to replace his deceased father in the hierarchy of the group.

It will be recalled that Itua Peter Oseiga, his deceased father died as an active member and leader of the occult group in his community in July 2021 wherein his first son (Itua Saturday Osekhanmen) was informed by members of the occult group that they would be responsible for his burial rites.

According sources in the community, the burial rites to be performed by the occult group led to the lingering crisis which rocked the family as members of the occult group were vehement in their resolve to also have his first son Itua Saturday Osekhanmen initiated into the group in fulfillment of the wish of his deceased father before the commencement of the burial rites.

It was however reported that in early August 2021, his family (wife and children) were abducted over the outright refusal of Itua Saturday Osekhanmen to replace his deceased father in the occult group.

A close family source in the community who spoke on condition of annonymity said on August 5th 2021, following the sudden disappearance of his family, in search of his missing family, Itua Saturday Osekhanmen found a letter instructing him to come to a certain location in Benin City.

According to the family source, after informing his kinsmen and the police of his ordeal without any form of hope, Itua Saturday on August 26th 2021 embarked on the journey in search of his family with the address of the location in Benoni area of Benin City.

It was said that he called the phone contact on the letter and was guided to an undisclosed location in blindfold where he immediately was instructed to drink up a cup filled with blood in exchange for the release of his family but which he refused as this however earned him severe torture .

For the timely intervention of a close friend of his father and member of the occult group who requested to have a large parcel of his deceased father’s land in Ekpoma in exchange for his life, wife and children, his wife and children were released days after abduction, the family source confirmed.

Again on November 15th 2021, confirmed reports revealed that, while he was away in Lagos State, Itua Saturday Osekhanmen who had gone in search of greener pastures was abducted and taken away in a car to an unknown destination where he was compelled to sign an undertaking for the commencement of his forceful initiation by drinking blood from a cup as well as other substances and rituals performed on him as part of the initiation processes.

The family source however added that Itua Saturday Osekhanmen who after his forceful initiation process into the occult group which began partly in Lagos State, knowing he was not safe in Lagos State, returned to Ekpoma to learn that his wife and children had relocated to an unknown location without his prior notice.

He thereafter confronted his late father’s friend who assured him that the occult group would no longer come after him after collecting his father’s land but was reminded that his late father’s wish had to be honoured.

Pix: Itua Saturday Osekhanmen, as leader of the group, is expected to be the custodian of this shrine.
Pix: Itua Saturday Osekhanmen, as leader of the group, is expected to be the custodian of this shrine.

He was however reminded that it was mandatory that the request of his deceased father and leader of the occult group in Ekpoma community to have his first son initiated by any means necessary even it was against his will as a Christian as it is clearly enshrined in the constitution of the occult group for deceased members and leaders to be replaced by every first born.

Meanwhile, it was said that frantic efforts to get law enforcement officers and the police to bring the situation under control after the repeated case of threats to life was reported, however did not yield the desired results as Saturday Osekhanmen was told that fight against criminality was their primary responsibility and not against occultic groups.

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Also, it was gathered from a reliable source in the community that after his planned escape from the community, members of the Reformed Ogboni Fraternity were still after his life as members on regular basis till date came unannounced to Itua Saturday Osekhanmen’s house including his deceased father’s house and other places he was known to be familiar with.

However, recent findings in the community in Ekpoma revealed that Itua Saturday Osekhanmen who on several occasions was repeatedly harrassed and exposed to death threats by members of the dreaded occult group for outrightly refusing to dutifully recognize and fraternize with members, ran away from the community as his whereabouts however remain unknown to anyone in the community.

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