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Thebe Magugu, Freak Vault, others ranks among the top Africa’s fashion brands in 2022


Many of the biggest fashion brands in Africa are reaching astonishing new heights of ingenuity and creativity. Some have been featured in the world’s top publications, like Vogue and Forbes.

From Johannesburg to Lagos and beyond, there is no shortage of amazing designers creating unique clothes and accessories that reflect the culture of the people they come from. Here are ten of some of the biggest fashion brands in Africa

Thebe Magugu (South Africa)

Thebe Magugu is a South African fashion brand that creates sleek, fashion-forward styles with motifs from Africa’s past. These African brand crafts are ready-to-wear clothing and accessories and small multi-disciplinary projects. You won’t be able to window shop when you see all their amazing clothes! Be prepared to make some major debits from your bank account.

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Freak Vault (Nigeria)

The Nigerian based shirt brand, shirt freak has made this announcement on their social media Page  by the founder and creative director, Philip Ojire which reads thus; In February of  2017, the outfit launched “SHIRT FREAK” as just a shirt brand with the goal of freaking the world with unique, edgy, & exceptional dress shirts.
Shirt freak, since its launch date, has  gotten a lot of attention due to their beautiful and classy designs, their celebrity & influencers line ups which helped them build a large number of international customer base who make up for over 36% customers

Lemlem (Ethiopia)

Liya Kebede, an Ethiopian supermodel and designer, created this African fashion brand after returning to her home country. Realizing there was no market for the incredible work being done by local weavers, she did something about it. The result is Lemlem, a fashion brand that celebrates Ethiopia’s weaving tradition. Through its beautiful pieces, it helps to keep traditional Ethiopian weaving alive while also creating jobs for local artisans.

Don Morphy (Cameroon)

Don Morphy is a custom suit and t-shirt brand. It was founded by the Cameroonian designer Don Morphy. His mission is to create affordable, high-quality menswear that celebrates African culture. The brand has dressed celebrities such as Chris Brown, and Ty Dolla Sign in its luxe pieces. You can express your individuality and style with Don Morphy while honouring African history.

Christie Brown (Ghana)

Christie Brown is renowned for her exquisite attention to detail and stunning African print creations. She designs everything from ready-to-wear items to custom dresses, frequently focusing on waist-cinching fits. Given that Christie has dressed notable African celebrities like Lupita Nyong’o and Angela Simmons, you can be sure that her designs are striking. She bases her fashion business in Ghana, where she is influenced by the vibrant culture of her own country. For someone who wants to stand out with their wardrobe, Christie Brown is ideal.

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