The True Essence of Christmas

It is so palpable you can feel it everywhere. Another Christmas is here with us. Across the world, the birth of Jesus is being celebrated, even days before the D-Day, December 25.

In China, Japan and India where majority of their citizens are not Christians, Christmas is being celebrated in big way, same with Middle East and Arab countries where you find Muslims in majority. Therefore it is a universal celebration.

For the Muslims of mainly northern and significant part of western Nigeria, celebration of the birth of Jesus, known as Prophet Isah is also a welcome event.

However, Christmas in Nigeria is much louder in the South East and South-South where Christianity is a predominant religion and the celebration lasts for many days, spiraling into the New Year festivities.

During the season, families travel from one place to the other, especially their native homes of birth, to reunite with loved ones and in the process, plan and execute developmental projects.

It is also a period when new relationship are built like marriages and taking of chieftaincy titles as well as reconciliation of existing disputes.

Others go on holidays in Nigeria or outside the country to see new places and things while relaxing in order to have a fresh start in the New Year.

But while all these activities are in order, there is the need for Christians and others celebrating Christmas to know that there are other reasons for the season as well as benefits to be derived other than the carnalities mentioned above.

We should realise first and foremost that Jesus Himself, is the essence of Christmas and that the word Christmas is derived from the world ‘Christ,’ which means the savior.

We therefore need to seek to understand the person and character of whose birth we are celebrating in order to emulate him.

According to the Bible, Jesus, though with so much spiritual powers, lived a humble life, full of love and charity that He was said to have spent a better part of his life ‘going about, doing good.’

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His mission on earth was to bring salvation to people through the messages of righteousness and obedience to the words and commandments of God. It was therefore no surprise that Jesus spoke to authority as well as admonished the people to obey the laws of the land.

Because he went about doing good Jesus spread true love and fed the hungry, healed the sick and set captives free by delivering them from bondage of sin and sickness.

While wishing Christians, their friends and family members Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance, we urge them to know that the true essence of the season should not be lost but that as they return safe in 2020,

we would be committed more in doing good, providing quality leadership service to the people, shun corruption, pay taxes, take care of the needy in the society and live in peace with one another to the benefit of our country Nigeria and for the betterment of humanity at large

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