The tale of Kehinde ‘s sweet “K O” turned sour in the hands of another Taiwo


By Isiaka Kehinde

In a surprise twist of events, the sweet tale of monthly remuneration popularly termed “K O ” after his initiator, would have been expected to continue unabated and Oyo journalists mouthing the praise of the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor to high heavens accordingly, but reverse seems to be the case as the enjoyment had been cut short by the present administration.

It’s all about duality difference as contained in a novel by Charles Dickens on revolutionary war aptly titled ” Tales of Two cities ” .

Alhaji Kehinde Olaosebikan, now the Chief Consultant of Midas Communications was at a time, the Chief Press Secretary to the former Oyo state Governor, Alhaji Lam Adesina from 1999 to 2003 during which tenure he introduced additional monthly stipend to the members of Oyo press across board .
Undoubtedly ,Oyo State Press will always remember for good the era of Governor Lam Adesina who added the icing on their cakes in form of what was euphemically referred as “K O” an acronym for Kehinde Olaosebikan, as they live to regale their experiences in the hands of Alhaji Kehinde Olaosebikan.

Alhaji Olaosebikan is a metonym for experience inter- ladened with hardwork and compassion . Right from the days of his primary assignment in the Broadcasting Corporation of Niger state as a corps member ,he has been having a meteoric rise in the field of journalism and like a morning sun , wherever he works, his return is always desired.

On November 23rd, 1988 fate took him to Abuja to practice ” pen trade ” and he rose to the post of Bureau Chief and Regional Editor, North for Vanguard newspapers respectively.

To say that Alhaji K O fits snugly into the description of a great man by John Maxwell is stating the obvious. His enviable track records speak volumes

Maxwell says ” a leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way” . Olaosebikan ‘s ennobling attitude accords him the opportunity to relate freely with people without discrimination and this has made him to be fawned over by those who come his way .

According to the Great man Theory espouses by Thomas Carlye in (1840),

“You can’t be a leader unless and until you are born with the ambiance of greater personality, charisma, intelligence and clout, all these traits are embedded in K.O .

As chairman NUJ Correspondents’ Chapel in Abuja ,K O used his position to facilitate houses and plots of lands for journalists to build their houses . This he did without any special consideration between reporters and photojournalists journalists .All benefitted. Records still abound with his lofty achievements.

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As a Chief Press Secretary, his efforts to unite all journalists and put smiles on their faces through the monthly K O initiative they enjoyed can’t be overemphasised.

It was not surprising however that Olaosebikan made his night club, the best club in Ibadan then Lyrics Night Club” a journalists hang out mostly gratis for resident and visiting journalists. Journalists birthday parties, bachelor’ eves and marriages were done in Lyrics free or heavily subsidised. That is Kenny for you.

Even though, It goes beyond logic that Kenny as he Is fondly called is irreplaceable. What can’t be unravelled is why the present chief Secretary to Oyo state governor can’t borrow a leaf from this man and make the journalists covering the government house have a fresh taste of the “monthly k O”? It will make a huge difference !

Isiaka-kehinde sent this piece from Ibadan.

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