The Right Governorship Candidate for Edosite’s and APC As a Party


Edo State was officially formed in August 1991and the capital of the State is known as Benin city.

The State boarder with Kogi State from the North and East, Delta State from the South and Ondo from the West.

This means the State is in the heart of Nigeria. Connecting the whole political zones from all its boarders. The state has a great history of many potentialities that if properly manage, it would be the greatest of most in Nigeria, let us look at some of these potentials.

According some google sources, the ancient city of Edo, was founded 200years ago, around 1500s.

The state has related history with Japanese empire, some writers believed that the named Edo was coined or Romanized from Jedo, Yedo and Yeddo which are named of former named of Tokyo, Japan. Whatever it is this show has great the state history been, because I believed where there is smoke, there must be fire.
Around 19th centuries, Edo state has accommodated many Samurai administrators, farmers, artisans, merchants, crafts arts men and many kinds of them.

And that has given the state great opportunities in craft and tourist opportunities.
Edo state indigenous tribes includes, Esan speaking Ediod language, Afemi, Asoko,Ijaw, Edo, Okpameri, Owan, Akoko, Etsako and Urhobo are considered as the major indigenous people of old Benin empire. Other languages are, Yoruba, Igala, Hausa among others.

Development and Economic Activities of Edo State

No state or people can develop without great economic activities.

Edo as a state has opportunities beyond imagination that if properly manage, its people need no reason to experience poverty or any form of life hardship, as their population is approximately around 6-7 million people.

Tourism Economy

Tourism is one of the economy opportunities that can generate revenue, create national and international connections that can boost the state position in the world.

Edo state has such opportunities, looking at its history of many great places, natural endowment, green forest and classical cultures of the state, such as Shogun of Edu Bakufu founded in 1603 among others. Water stream and rivers.

Natural Resources

In the area of natural resources, the state is among the Oil producing state, that means is one of those that make the country rich, it received 13% from the federal government monthly, from the derivation of their crude oil resources, it produces limestone, lignite rubber, woods, among others.

Food or Farming Opportunities

In this area also the state produces many types of healthy foods stuffs, and it is rich in its own opportunities that can supply the world or the country. The farm products are Yam, Cassava (manioc), palm oil, rice, plantain, cocoyam, beans, okra, pepper, gourds and corn.

Industrialization Opportunities

Surely, were there is natural resources, industrialization is 100% possible, and this will create job opportunities, revenue income, reduce inflation, cost of living will be drastically down. Edo people can have industries like Pharmaceutical, refineries, rubber industries, wood processing industries such furniture’s, toothpick, among other wood used items.


In this area, Nigerians are well aware of how Edosite’s blow their head with their knowledge especially when speaking English. Vocational schools will add a great value to the state, especially in the area of production and crafting. Not only exam results education system as it is now all over the country.

It is a great opportunity for Edo people to set an example by changing the narrative of their education from result or grade-oriented system to end product oriented educational system. As student graduated, he/she become industrial and productive instead of liability for the government.


Before I go further, let it be in the knowledge of Edo people, that I am not from Edo state, I am from Borno State, I live their and my life is for Borno state.

But it is time as Nigerians we stand for each other, help one another. Some times we become blind from near, it is the person who is far that can see everything around the place. And sometimes our affiliation with tribe, religious, language, or community blind us from seeing the right thing to do, until when it is late, then we start saying how I wish. Let us stop doing what we will regret later, let us start to do what is right. And Edo people can change their narratives from the forthcoming election.

I know Amb. Dr. Odion Cedrack Okpebholp has what it takes to take Edo state to the international level in the positive view. From the above-mentioned Tourism, Economy and Education opportunitie, this man has all it takes to achieve it. He is known internationally, nationally and locally. Thing of it, if I from the core northeast, who had nothing attached with this man say so, what of those that know him much better.

Like four years back, I was sitting in my house, I just received a call from this man, introduce himself to me, that I was nominated to him to serve as the deputy publicity secretary of the Worldwide Movement for a United Nigeria.

I told him that he should give me time to think about it. I took like a week, did not contact him, 10 days after, he called to know my stand, and I then took him seriously, I accept the responsibility, which as a result of my performances, I was elevated to the position of the secretary, up to now.

Someone who passionate about the unity of his country, will surely do all it takes to develop the life of his people, a re-known peacemaker, philanthropy, helper, gentleman to the core, good in relationship, zero ethnicity and religious bigot, up right thinker, foresight developer, internationally connected, nationally respected, locally appreciated. This man will definitely put Edo state in its right position of growth and development, economically, educationally, and will bring back the beauty and integrity of the state to the eye of the world, surely, he will leave no stone of development on turn for a better and great benefit of his people (Edo state people).

Let do the right thing, elect and support the man that can put smiles on our faces, save our children features, restore the great honor of our ancestors.

Edo people deserve the best and better and Ambassador Dr. Odion Cedrack Okpebholo is the right man for the JOB.


Politic is a game of calculation, that requires application of right formulars and derivations to get the right answers. APC as party should carefully, consider all interested candidates in the forthcoming primaries and the state governorship election. Look deeply into the all candidates, assess them and forecast the possible feature success and failure.

Many influential candidates are doing their very best to get the number one seat of the state, but only one can get it, therefore, it is important as a political party that want to reclaim it stolen mandate, it should not shy away from doing what is right.

As we can see now, turning down election after winning is very difficult, even from the recent Apex court of the country judgement we can see. So let not give the opposition chance to win.

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Let us give a candidate that can win the state election without any hesitation and faults to win opportunity to regain us back our seat of power, let us give Edo people what they deserve, the life, worthy of living, let us give then a servant leader who can and ever ready to give them the best.

For the past few months several online elections were conducted by several group of people from Edo state to know what people want, who they believe will give them better life, I have been observant to those online election and all through both for the APC and the Governorship election the people choice is Ambassador Dr. Odion Cedrack Okpebholo.

Therefore, this is a clear signal and sign that any other candidate aside from this gentleman can set the party backward from winning the election.

It is my humble opinion and advise, that, it is time the party start to change the narrative of Edo people, by giving them who and what they want, which is better life and assured safe future for their children.
Thank you all.

Signed: Hon. Amb. Ahmad Arabi Abulfathi
Borno State, Northeast, Nigeria.

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