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The Octopus, In addition to how annoying the vuvuzelas were and how unpredictable the Adidas Jabulani ball, the 2010 FIFA World Cup left another curious aspect.

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This curious aspect of the championship was Paul the Octopus. He was an octopus who lived in Germany, and as a joke, some people started to “ask” him to predict the results of certain football matches. On the 1xBet Nigeria betting website, which is the best bookmaker in the country, punters can also make their guesses with the available betting options.

How did the predictions work

Paul “predicted” the outcomes of the matches in quite a simple way. His keepers would give him two boxes full of food. Both of them would be exactly equal from Paul’s point of view.

However, from the other side, each box had the flag of the teams that played in a specific match. When visiting, it is possible to place wagers on the most important international football matches from all over the world.

Paul’s task was quite simple, he simply needed to choose from which box he would eat his food.

The team whose flag was attached to the chosen box would be considered as the “winner” in the octopus’ predictions.

These predictions started at Euro 2008. In fact, during this competition Paul had four correct predictions out of six, which was an impressive outcome.

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Total success in the 2010 FIFA World Cup

Since Paul lived in Germany, his keepers wanted him to predict the outcome of the German national squad in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Prior to the beginning of the next World Cup, make sure to visit the famous live casino 1xBet and try its spectacular forms of entertainment.

Paul had a 100% success rate when predicting the matches of the German national team plus the final between the Netherlands and Spain. Some of the predicted matches included:

• the 4-1 win of Germany against England in the round of 16;
• the 4-0 win of Germany against Argentina in the quarter-finals;
• and also the defeat of Germany in the semi-finals against Spain.

However, not everybody was happy with Paul’s predictions. In fact, when Paul predicted that Spain would defeat Germany, some people asked the octopus to be eaten.

This even escalated to the highest political spheres, where José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, who was Spain’s prime minister at the time, offered state protection to Paul. The live casino 1xBet is a famous place where great fun can be had, and all its games can be played while waiting for great matches.

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