Teen and societal pressure to get married


With the times changing, not getting married until you reach thirty seems to be the new norm.

The times when people got married in their early twenties are long gone apparently.

The societal pressure of getting married fizzling out gradually is undoubtedly a boon, no denying that.

But, there are more than one reasons why getting married early is not such a bad decision after all.

While waiting till you’re well settled before you marry makes total sense, tying the knot earlier has its own benefits.

Breaking the common myth that tying the knot early puts a full stop to your life, here are 6 reasons why it is actually a good decision.

First things first, there is no perfect time.

Marriage is a big decision and you will still be as clueless when you are forty as you are right now.

There will never come a time when you feel you’re ‘ready for it’. Waiting for it will only make you lose out on what you could have right now.

If you’ve found the right person already, maybe, it is time to take the plunge.

When you marry early, there is no pressure to have kids anytime in the near future.

The first few years of the marriage can be spent in bliss without any undue pressure about bearing children since there is a long way to go before your wife’s body clock starts ticking.

You can travel all you want and live life ‘young’ – just the way you want to. Marrying in your late twenties takes away that liberty.

Admit it or not, your twenties are the most exciting years of your life.

Once gone, it never comes back. You want your significant other to be a part of that glorious phase in your life too.

Getting married early opens up a whole new world for the couple where they discover a hundred new firsts every day, together.

Your first overseas trip, your first day at that dream job, the day you buy your first car – you want it to experience with the woman you love, don’t you?

Needless to say, honeymoons are much more fun when you’re young.

You can go out partying and get sloshed, you can set out on a day long trek, you don’t have to constantly worry about ‘acting your age’ – it is like going out on a trip with your ‘girlfriend’ all over again.

It is edgy and exciting. You don’t want to be one of those boring couples who have no capacity left for alcohol and no enthusiasm for anything else either!

Remember how your dad carried you around on his shoulders all the time when you were a kid and how he was your first best friend?

Every man wants to give his kids the same childhood.

You want to be the one who teaches your son how to play Cricket and his daughter, how to ride a bicycle. You want to be their superhero.

And, that can’t happen when you’re a middle aged man with a paunch who is diagnosed with a new ailment every day.

You want to be the ‘young dad’ your kids love to play with!

There are times when marriages go terribly wrong and there is nothing you could have anticipated.

An early marriage gives you much more chance to not only work on the relationship but also walk out of it and start afresh in case it fails.

It may not be the most pleasant thing to hear but all said and done, there is nothing in the world that can ensure the success of a marriage.

The advantages and the disadvantages of earliness to marriage People get married young because it seems they will lose the love of their life.

So many feel the first person they have sex with is definitely their soul mate. Well, the stats say it isn’t so.

It may be an amazing experience but I know of a lot of people who have incredible sex but can’t keep a commitment to save their soul.

Not understanding how you are going to portion up the responsibilities of daily living.

Who does what, under what conditions, when, is always a work in progress.

The progression of being on your own to test yourself and find out what is true can’t happen because the security of having someone to connect with won’t allow for that depth of maturation.

The big ugly, people don’t like to hear is; what tends to keep young people together is not mad passionate love but fear!

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Fear of the unknown, fear of being alone, fear of never finding someone again, fear of not being good enough, and so on.

The list goes on with each decade revealing another thing that settling down early requires you to miss or be negligent about in your relationship.

It typically ends up not being clean. A lot of women who used sex and marriage to leverage themselves out of their parents’ home.

Some just get scared about having to be on their own.

Some because their friends did it.

There are similarities in the list I made for why men get married. Why do guys get married?

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