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Someone Bids Kanye West’S Food Remnant for $29,517.86

Can you imagine? You can now buy Kanye West‘s fast food leftovers for nearly $30.

Yes, someone by the username of cocoacushi on eBay is selling Kanye’s food scraps he left behind during a February visit to London. People are already bidding for it and it has almost gotten to $30K- N6,000,000

Kanye stopped by the food joint to surprise fans before his appearance at the Brit Awards on Feb. 25 and ended up jumping on tables while the crowd around him chanted his name.

According to reports, after he left the restaurant, the fan swept up his leftovers — from the table or out of the dustbin, it’s unclear — and decided to turn his findings into a money making opportunity. Since putting the greasy napkin and cardboard container on eBay earlier this week, it’s gotten 47 bids — this highest reaching $29,517.86.

Interestingly enough, while some people in the U.K. are willing to buy a few pieces of stranded food from Kanye, many more people are petitioning to get him kicked out of the Glastonbury festival lineup. Over 60,000 have signed a petition to cancel West’s performance because they feel he does not properly represent the festival.

Paying expensively for someone’s remnant just because he is a celebrity. Gosh!

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