SOCIAL MEDIA: The Termite Eating Up Intimacy among People

Fasipe Femi

I am fascinated by how social media isolates people from keeping real life relationships with others via: face to face meetings, real life discussions, felicitation on achievements, bereavement etc..

Social media and virtual reality have taken over that. Some very indomie generation refer to it as “New media”. Well, we are talking of being less human here, gradually jettisoning our closeness to nature.

People now feel comfortable around strangers with window-dressed reality (not all), online relationships, online pornography, online information exchange via facebook, twitter, Instagram, 2go, WhatsApp, and whatnot.
Some people even feel more comfortable with their lives on this virtual illustional circle. It has given another escape for those who haven’t fixed the reality around them.

Some can only show love through chat emoticons. Some people only show love to their parents on social media platforms which their parents rarely access.

Some barely do real life visitation as they upload pictures and also stalk others on social media.

Some find social media as an avenue to present another version of their personality which defeats their reality.

They exists some who can say many things using virtual reality space but not in real life.
Some as so beautiful here with pictures they adorn their profiles with but fail to fix that in real life.

Prejudice is now so fixed here that a statement of dreams, hopes and achievements are made only on social media.
Some even eat here, piss here, sleep here and announces areas that are to be secrets in their lives like: bathing in the tub, indoor furniture’s etc.

When people post the food they are eating, I just wonder the reason behind that, to make what point exactly?
A lot also come to appear smart in many things on social media while simple leadership in their lives are nothing to write home about.

A lot of issues as personal prejudice, peer pressure, low self-esteem and hate is bred and maintained here in a moving circus..
Some that are quick to attack every public official for what is said or not said with innuendos are blessed with adulterated character in reality.

It is quite monumental for virtual reality to have such impact on our social continuum. It is also worthy to note that Humanity comes first; nature…every other thing is to eke us closer to understanding this nature which will further demystify our humanity to appreciable terms. Virtual reality should be an aid to humanity, not a substitution of our humanity.
Communication exchange is good, but bad communication corrupts good manners.

The Mass-media is an institution that changes your reality through many techniques. Over time, media dysfunction such as: Isolation, panic disorder, attention span disorder, confusion, information overload, charlatanism, cultural iconoclasm and ADD are growing psychological disorders in the populace.

Apart from the fakery of Social media platforms, its users are exposed to vices such as addiction, fraud, emotional imbalance, e.t.c. Be careful what you hear, how you accept them, what you say and do, how you work it. Take time off to detoxicate yourself. Technology can replace your humanity.







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