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When Shyness Hits You Up! Expose It!!!   

Ann Izedunor

Having feelings for someone can sometimes become difficult to handle and more especially when the person you love does not know how you feel about him/her. Love can be hard to find, but when it comes to you, you can either accept it or ignore it. For some reasons, some people are courageous enough to admit it and tell their secret crush, friend or even best friend, how they feel. While some others don’t have the guts to do so and they try to ignore it. But love is a tricky thing and forgetting someone you love is not that easy… Neither is, loving someone you do not want to love. Love hurts a lot, and at some point, when it hurts too much that you feel the need to tell the truth because you cannot keep it to yourself any more. Telling someone how you feel about him/her requires more energy and guts. It’s not a 100% sure the person will give you same answers and that’s because he/she is ‘Shy’. But things can work out, yes! Things can work out. One just need to initiate and make the first move. Either the guy or the girl can make the first move, there is no harm in that. But sometimes, making the first move does not really mean you are desperate or too forward….. But rather it means you are courageous, smart and your love is real. It also means you are so much in love that you can’t hold your feelings any longer. Once you open up your mind to the person you love, you will see the magic of “LOVE”. He/she will be the happiest person in the world, and not because you took the first step but because you have released the heavy load that is weighing he/she down by confessing how you truly feel and he/she will also feel free to confess his/her feelings towards you too. So tighten up your seat belt because you are about to see the necessary reasons why you should tell that special person how you feel:

  • To Air Your Mind: opening up to the person you have feelings for is wonderful, because he/she wants to open up to you as well. But when you hide your feelings, you will be hurting yourself. Telling the truth would be a good way to let all the pain go away and then you will be able to move on. But if the answer is negative, obviously, never give up because that’s not the end of the world but it could be positive. Again, what do you really have to lose? Love is not a shame, on the contrary, you should be proud! You feel! Which means, you are alive and you took the first step. In fact, you should be proud of yourself. But there is a doubt that he/she would turn you down, but even if he/she turns you down, just know it’s not a real turn down. He/she is just too shy to admit it and therefore the words will not be straight. There will be stammering and loss of eye contact. So, never accept the negative answer that he/she gives, because it’s not real. You just have to keep trying.
  • ToAvoid Losing Him/Her: you really have to swallow that thing called ‘Shyness’ and open up to him/her, because if you don’t, someone else will take him/her from you. Shyness is not a ‘Curse and neither is it a ‘Crime’. It is not meant to last forever. If your feelings are strong and real, then why use shyness as an excuse when you can easily walk up to that person and pour out your feelings. You can if you want to. All you need to do is to believe in yourself and trust your heart.
  •      Love: Another reason is love! Yes! Love! Love is the most powerful key to everything in life. If you truly love him/her, you won’t be told to make a move and bury that thing called shyness! Love comes first! But when you make shyness your main priority, then you will remain hidden in your fears for as long as you so desire.
  •    To save yourself: you will do yourself a great favour by telling that special person how you truly feel. You cannot remain shy forever! But you can and only if you wish to be. If you have feelings for someone and you know what that person truly mean to you, but you are sacred to say it to that person, just bear it in mind you are doing yourself no good. Instead, you will just be dying silently whenever you see him/her. And you will be hurting yourself the more. The dangerous part of this is, your mind will always fly whenever you see him/her with someone else. You will be wandering within you, having a restless mind, because you would want to know what they are discussing. And to worsen the matter, when you see them laughing, I am sure you will develop a high temperature. So you see, it is not a good thing at all. Here are the necessary things that can happen when you fail to come out of shyness:
  • Text Messages:  you can send a text message to him/her expressing yourself completely without having eye to eye contact. Of course you cannot see he/she through the phone, so you should be able to put your feelings through typing.
  •        Telling Jokes: I am very sure you must have come across this wise word which says ‘Through Jokes, The Truth Is Revealed’ and it is not a lie. There is always a truth in every joke. So, you can use this method and pour out your heart.
  •  Calls: Oh Yes! Calls helps too. Because through calls a lot can be said or discussed, anyone you want. There is no eye contact, it’s just going to be your voice and her voice. So, you can use the opportunity and expose your feelings. Pour it all out, there is no harm. Just trust yourself and your heart and you will be fine.

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