Shaibu: Rights activist tells Obaseki to ignore plea for forgiveness


By Titus Akhigbe

A prominent rights activist and President of the One Love Foundation, a non governmental body, Chief Patrick Osagie Eholor (aka Ultimate Equals) has condemned the embattled State Deputy Governor, Comrade Philip Shaibu for shedding crocodile tears begging his Principal, Governor Godwin Obaseki and asking for forgiveness.

Chief Eholor insisted that Comrade Shaibu’s action is an action that is not worthy and also coming too late in the day after alleged political coup against his principal.

It will be recalled that Shaibu buckled recently when he received a Christian group, Catholic Men Organization (CMO) in his private residence in Benin, as he publicly begged Obaseki for forgiveness.His words:”Am missing my governor and God will touch his heart and touch all of us and even those that are between us.I mean if there’s any mistake I have made as human, it’s not out of wickedness because I know am not wicked. I have a clean heart. My governor, am sorry.I need us to work together again “,adding that “I have relocated to my new office in accordance to the Governor’s directive “.

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According to the rights activist, who is insisting that Shaibu deserves no pity,”Comrade Philip Shaibu has reduced his office(Deputy Governor) to nothingness. The humiliation that he suffered whether he deserves it or not depends on who is interpreting it.

“He might deserve the humiliation but his office does not deserve it. When you have a friend who does wrong things and you’re mute to it it means that you’re giving consent to it. Obaseki has done so many wrong things that Comrade Shaibu gave consent to.

“For example, fourteen members of the Edo State House of Assembly who were duly elected by their Constituency were not inaugurated. Comrade Shaibu was the one who mobilized thugs to deny them inauguration. Yet, he claimed that some of them are his friends. If they were his friends he should have protested.

“If one thousand people are doing what is wrong it doesn’t make it right. If you’re doing what is right and nobody is doing it it doesn’t make it wrong. For Shaibu crying like a baby yesterday my heart bleed for him. There is no offence that he would have committed in his office as a deputy governor that he would reduce the office and go to national tv to make an apology to a serial offender like Godwin Obaseki who have offended majority of mankind and God but has not apologized but you go on national tv to apologize to him.

“I think it is disgraceful. I am not happy with the confusion. I want an egalitarian society. I want a place where they will focus on governance to fix the roads that are not motorable. They’re people who collect money from drivers for road worthiness when the roads are not worthy. When people are dying at child birth they are not investing on hospitals. When schools have no roofs and chairs they do nothing.

“What Shaibu should have done is to go to court so that they can define what a Deputy Governor is; If the ticket belongs to Obaseki or both of them. I don’t expect the governor to treat his deputy with disdain like he is doing. Shaibu is naive and nervous. He wants to keep being relevant. He has supported Governor Obaseki to destroy many. His apology is not tenable.”

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