Selection of Mobile Apps for Live Betting in Kenya in 2023


Smartphones have changed the way we interact with information, the Internet, and the world in general.

They also affected online betting as well: now you can access your preferred bookmakers just from the comfort of a small device that you can easily fit in your palm and pocket.

So it doesn’t surprise anybody that the betting platforms tend to offer mobile applications for their services.

They can range significantly in quality, design, and operating system support. For example, the MelBet app in Kenya offers a large list of features and has an excellent design.

Speaking of operating systems, the more prominent platforms aim to support both iOS and Android. The smaller ones usually stick to Android since it’s cheaper to develop and publish apps for it.

The newest and not-established platforms usually only offer a smartphone-optimized website.

Top Three Apps

In our article, we decided to go with three applications that we consider to be the best. They had to meet certain criteria. Most notably;

●Live betting and cashout capabilities. Live wagering was the main requirement for the apps to make it to our list. The cashout option is another thing that we deem important since it’s also a live feature that, combined with in-play betting, can contribute to making a great and thrilling experience for the punters.
●Availability of the platform in Kenya This is another important point. Since our article covers the apps that work in Kenya, it’s to be expected that the platforms have to offer their services in the country.
●Overall, excellent quality. This one is obvious: the app has to be well-made, reliable, functional, and ideally feature-packed. While this might sound like a high expectation, in reality, many apps can meet these criteria with ease.

And now, let’s get to the point. In the next few blocks, we will describe these three apps and cover everything you might need to know before downloading them, but we will do so in a quick manner.

MelBet App

MelBet is a large international platform that works in many countries, including Kenya. We already mentioned its application in the introduction part of our article, so let’s get to the matter.

The app works for both iOS and Android and downloading it is an effortless process. The program is easy to work with, features a modern UI, and offers access to all of the functions that exist on the desktop version. The app is also quite smooth and loads faster, even on older devices.

The platform supports both live betting and cashout, so you can access these functions from the mobile app as well. They will make your in-game experience much more involving and immersive.

Betika App

Betika is one of the largest platforms in Africa and likely the best-known one to have come from Kenya. So yes, it targets the users of those countries and features a local betting and gambling license.

This means that everything is streamlined for the residents of Kenya: you can access all of the local payment options as well as contact customer care with ease.
You can download the Betika app for iOS and Android devices.

The download and installation processes are pretty straightforward. The apps feature identical UIs, which look quite great, in our opinion.

They provide everything a punter might need, including the betting process itself, live wagering, withdrawing, and depositing. If you prefer to gamble, casino options and games are also available in the apps.

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And, of course, there’s a fully functional mobile website. It also looks nice and provides all of the options that you might need, including access to casino games.

SportyBet App

SportyBet is another well-established platform that operates in many countries, including Kenya. If you want to download the platform’s mobile app, you can find versions for iOS and Android. What’s even more impressive is that the website also provides an older variant of the application to download.

This can be great for users with outdated devices that can’t get Android 5.0 or higher, although these smartphones are rare these days. Android 5.0 is around a decade old. The apps have all of the important features, including live betting and cashout.

As is expected, there’s also a smartphone-optimized version of the website that will meet the needs of players who don’t want to install apps for any reason. This version also features all of the needed features, including betting and gambling options.


Having a working mobile application is an integral part of the success of a modern online betting platform. In this day and age, all of the platforms try to offer at least a smartphone-optimized version of their websites.

But ideally, you want to see iOS and Android variations of the app. This will make your mobile experience much better and allow you to access your preferred platform anywhere and anytime just by doing a few taps on your phone.

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