Security agents invaded a community in Lagos for disobedience to law


Sequel to reliable information, some Security Agents raided the resident of Lateefat Junaid in Lagos yesterday in respect of previous information gathered from the reliable source last year August 2022 that she was caught in an apartment in Lagos engaging in Bisexual activities because it was not in consonance with the marriage Act of Nigeria. While disassociating themselves from bisexual allegation.

The residents said that they have not set their eyes on Lateefat and her husband since the allegation was levelled against her last year June 2022 and all efforts to look for her proved abortive.

Also, Mr. Sadik Oluwatoyin’s family have not heard from Junaid’s parents. Some people notified them that they saw Lateefat in Abeokuta in Ogun state last year but as at today we have not set our eyes on her. The family also disapproves what Lateefat had done for violating the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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However, our reporter also gathered from one of the residents at Ketu area in Lagos that Lateefat had relocated out of the country for fear of being attacked by members of the community with their jungle justice mentality and been arrested by police authority who are still actively looking for them till date.

Her Bisexual partner Titilope Ajayi is no where to be found as no one knows her in the area but she was traced to Ikorodu area.

According to one of the police officers which sorted to remain anonymous, he said since their family has failed in their responsibility to train their daughters and prohibit them against the Bisexual habit the police authority will not fold their arms and allow this act to escalate to the entire community due to the fact that Bisexual relationship violates the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The police officers did not belief the response from Lateefat’s family but continue their search on Lateefat Junaid and Titilope Ajayi and promised to get back at them at all cost.

Our reporter said the police authority emphasized that what is critical to them now is how to find out the whereabouts of the two of them and her Bisexual partner in order to arrest them. it was confirmed that they need to be arrested and face the law.

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