SAM NDA-ISAIAH (1962-2020)


Torrents of tributes have continued to pour from far and near following the death of the chairman of LEADERSHIP Group Limited, Mr. Sam Nda-Isaiah.

He passed on in Abuja last Friday after a brief illness. He was 58.

The rapid flow of tributes from relations, friends, associates, former and current Nigerian leaders, government officials, politicians and political organizations, eminent persons and groups, only go to prove that: the late media mogul departed this world in a blaze of glory.

To say that the late serial entrepreneur, visioner, passionate politician, deep thinker, inimitable writer, humanitarian, philanthropist, dogged patriot, profound family man and above all, a man of ideas, is even more popular in death, is an understatement.

He was strong, sharp, cheerful and witty. His death is a sad depletion of the population of the best and brightest of media icons in Nigeria, particularly in the northern part of the country, where the journalism profession ranks high.

He represented the very best in the journalism profession although he was a trained pharmacist. Whatever he did had finesse and panache.

He was of the finest breed. Throughout his odyssey in the media, especially after many had started noticing him through his hardhitting Monday Back page column which he wrote for Daily Trust some years ago, there was no mistaking his earnest desire and yearning to see Nigeria take her rightful place in the comity of nations where things work.

Little wonder he named the motto of his several media exploits thus: For God and Country. He held on to that solemn declaration till the last breath went out of him.

Though his death is particularly painful, traumatic and devastating to a long list of benefactors of his philanthrophy and goodness of heart, many whose paths crossed his will be certainly encouraged that since his demise, the deluge of tributes to him from far and near, has revealed a great man who was adorable, personable and charitable in many respects.

He will be missed by all who knew him. Sam Nda-Isaiah was an iconic humanist, celebrated professional, distinguished public servant, consummate community leader and a rare commentator and communicator rolled into one, whose immediate constituency was humanity.

He was a humble, peaceful and Godfearing leader who touched many lives around him. Humanity has indeed lost a gem.

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The Nigerian media industry which he bestrode like an indomitable colossus is consoled by the fact that he lived a productive, fulfilled, accomplished and remarkable life, leaving a legacy and memorable times worthy of celebration and emulation.

Adieu the Great Hero! Adieu the Media Icon per Excellence! Adieu Our Beacon of Hope, Strength and Support to Many! Adieu the Kakakin (Mouthpiece) of the Nupe Kingdom!!

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