Rules of a Relationship That Should Exist


There are unwritten rules for everything in our life, and these rules are not required to be discussed because they are either obvious or useless. Everyone knows that you should wait three days after a date and then ask the girl out again.

Any man understands intuitively that on the first date, you should pay the common bill in a cafe and in a movie because, otherwise, you can be considered a cheapskate.

Why does no one talk about other, less obvious relationship rules that should exist? Couples need new rules of a relationship to avoid a lot of small but annoying troubles. This tips were kindly provided by experts from

Lemon law
Any of the parties have the right to interrupt the date within the first five minutes without any consequences for themselves (that is, no offense and scandals from the one who is left in the lurch.)

Why do people need that? It takes a long time to figure out whether you want to spend the whole life with a girl or not. This is a painstaking process. However, you can understand that you are too different in the first five minutes.

The reasons can be stupid, but if you are honest, the stupid reason is really important. Smell, unshaven armpits and legs, excessive pimples make the second date obviously impossible. Nonetheless, people don’t get used to talking about that.

Rule of property division
A marriage contract is a very practical thing, but what to do if you haven’t get married? Moreover, what to do if you cannot hire a lawyer? (This is sarcasm.)

Someone can say, “Since you do not have money for a lawyer, you might not have properties to divide?” If you are latent Robin Hood who have said these words or who will say that he is ready to leave everything to his girlfriend, it’s okay.

However, what about a man who has made payments towards a loan for an expensive purchase for a common house, and then he has broken up with the girl? There are different situations, but certain rules for relationships should exist.

Firstly, all your privileges are burned if you have cheated on her. A bad act requires punishment. Secondly, a person who has bought a thing should keep it if, of course, it was not a gift. You have bought a vacuum cleaner, it is your vacuum cleaner. She has bought an iron, it is her iron. It’s fair.

Rule of earnings and spending
Fortunately, in modern society, women vote, drive a car, receive higher education and occupy managerial positions. What does it mean? Sometimes, women make more money than men, you have to put up with it and, therefore, introduce new one of the ground rules for relationships.

The rule is simple: one who earns more has more rights to manage the family budget. The one who earns less does not have to spend the total money on big purchases without asking for advice.

You cannot buy a new car, tickets for a plane or a mini brewery that you could not afford on your own. Anyway, any large spending should be discussed, and you will have economic and mental stability.

Cinematic mandate
Everyone knows how it is important to date a girl who has good taste. Nonetheless, pay attention that good taste doesn’t mean your taste.

Each of you should have a cinematic mandate for one movie that should be watched, say, once a month or once a week, it all depends on your free time.

It is a classical situation when you find that she has not watched your favorite movie. You watch it together. She forms her own opinion about the movie, but she expresses it with respect.

The same applies to you. Otherwise, someone can take the right to choose a movie for the evening or make another one watch “the very movie” from time to time. This is one of the necessary relationship rules for couples who live together.

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