Ronaldo’s DNA matches evidence over alleged rape saga


Juventus star, Cristiano Ronaldo’s DNA matched evidence collected in the Las Vegas rape case and he told his lawyers his accuser had told him to ‘stop,’ leaked emails claim.

In a tranche of emails between police and prosecutors during the investigation, detective Jeffrey Guyer wrote: ‘DNA is back and is a match,’ American newspaper, The Sun, reported.

The footballer, 34, was told in July he would not face criminal charges after former model Kathryn Mayorga claimed she was raped by him in 2009 in a Vegas suite.

The criminal case, which has since been dropped, was widely publicised, with the 34-year-old Portuguese forward protesting his innocence on social media following the accusation.

Among the 100 emails sent between police and criminal prosecutors in America, Las Vegas detective Jeffrey Guyer said that “DNA is back and is a match”, referring to the Juventus star.

In court papers filed earlier this year, Ronaldo’s legal team acknowledged for the first time that Ms Mayorga was paid $375,000 (£290,000) at the time she first made the accusations to police in order ‘to maintain the confidentiality of their dispute.

To the contrary, the agreement stated in no uncertain terms that Mr. Ronaldo was agreeing to pay Mayorga a sum of money in order to maintain the confidentiality of their dispute.’  

Police could not conduct ‘any meaningful investigation’ at the time because Ms Mayorga declined to say who assaulted her or where it occurred, U.S. prosecutors said.

As a result, detectives were ‘unable to search for and impound vital forensic evidence,’ and video showing Ronaldo and Mayorga together was lost, they added.

Last month the Portuguese star told British media personality Piers Morgan that he was embarrassed about the allegations and protested his innocence once again.

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