Robotic Technology: Bredhub brings train the trainers programme to Nigerians

Bredhub has brought an opportunity to tech enthusiasts in Nigeria to get trained and explore a career in the multi-billion dollar tech industry through its Artificial Intelligence /Robotics Training program.

The educational services firm (Bredhub) in partnership with UBTECH, a World-leading A1 and humanoid Robotic Company based in China, in Lagos during the week explained that the Bredhub’s interactive Robotics experience would expose Nigerians to endless opportunities.

Speaking with the newsmen in Lagos, Coordinator for Bredhub, Chimezie Ikeme, explained that the training which will hold at the Federal Palace Hotel on 13th to 18th of March 2020, will enable participants to secure immediate employment in the tech industry.

On the essence of the training, Ikeme noted that the training will create awareness about the endless opportunities embedded in the tech industry for the public and teachers intelligent, using the UBTECH unit A1 robotic.
According to him, it’s like when the invention of the typewriter came, if you are not trained to use it you cannot operate it. If our teachers are not trained they cannot teach children, so that is the essence of the training. 

“The intent behind our action is to make sure every child has access toward technology using UBTech Robotic.

Commenting on the likely impacts of the training on the Nigerian economy, he says that it would help in growing the nation’s economy, adding that it will to boost local productions.

“It will help our economy because we need to start producing, for example, we don’t need to have some foreign companies before we can produce, you simply take your laptop and you start producing. If you need something and you cannot produce it, you look for others that has PD printer and then, they print for you.

“What we are saying is our economy will start producing because production starts from our mind. Our children will stop writing letters to work for people, because they will start working for themselves and we would begin exporting, because things will be cheaper here than any other place in the world”, he explained.

He added that all industries will get better, including the movies industry because we would have people creating things for them locally, adding that it

According to him, it will impact every part of our life, health-wise, you get into the hospital where you have fewer doctors then we have artificially intelligent in creating Robotic doctors that can takes blood, patient temperature, Bp and then does the analysis and tell you, you have 11 sicknesses, this one will kill you in next 1 month, another in next 2 months and next 5 years respectively and give medication.

“So, if we have like 30 people coming to hospital on daily basis, the 30 people can leave the hospital by not talking to anybody and right there the Robot gives a medication and you go home.

“What we need is to start creating awareness and start opening up to people here, and let them understand the things they stand to benefit. There is a lot that this is going everywhere in the world. If you have a billion dollar in Nigeria today and you are not into A1 robotic, you are wasting the money,” he said. 

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