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Rita Dominic: I Am Sensitive about the Roles I Play

Shortly after clinching five awards with her movie ‘The Meet­ing’ at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards held a few weeks back, Nollywood diva, Rita Domi­nic is at it again as she recently signed a mouth-watering movie deal with Danium Energy Ser­vices Limited, owners of Mercury Green Pointblank Pictures for a role in a new movie titled ‘Mary’. Rita who was spotted along­side her manager, Mildred Okwo spoke about the deal and what is ex­pected of her.


Winning five awards at the just concluded Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards (AMVCA); what does it symbolize for you?

What that simply means is that my work is being appreciated and that I am doing the right thing, at the right time. When your work is being considered for awards or nominations, it also implies that you need to do more work as this is what the audi­ence and the award jury will look out for before such a selection is made.


Did you ever imagine you were going to win big that night?

Honestly, I never thought that I was going to win that big or even five awards for that matter; Best actress in a comedy, Best comedy writer, Best movie writer, Best sup­porting actress and Best actor in a comedy. But I was positive that I was going to go home with some­thing. Sincerely when I dressed up in my room to step out for the event, I looked at myself in the mirror and I was like you go girl, go Rita and all that.


You just signed a movie deal with Danium Energy Service. Could you speak more about it?

The movie titled Mary is owned by Mercury Green Pointblank Pictures, a baby company of Danium Energy Company. I was contracted to act in the film as a lead character. I was sent a copy of the script by Mercury Green Pointblank Pictures. And I liked it. So I’ll be working with one of the film executives, Mr. Kingsley Ogbor and the film director, Afe Olumowe. So I just got signed to be the lead actress in the film and I’m happy about it.


What are your expectations from this project?

First and foremost, I need to thank Mercury Green Pointblank Produc­tion for considering me for the laud­able movie. What’s important to me is the story. I’ve been speaking with the director, Afe Olumowe and the ex­ecutive producer, Kingsley Ogbor and they appear to know what they are do­ing. They seem to have a good team and hopefully, I think we are going to come out with a very good project. I expect all the greatest fun on set and also to deliver my role perfectly.


What’s the movie all about?

I don’t think that the owners of the movie would not want me to divulge the information for now as it’s still in the pipeline, but what I can tell you is that Mary is a Christian movie, or should I say a Christian-secular mov­ie. More information will be revealed to you very soon, you just keep your fingers crossed.


So do you mind disclosing to us how much this contract is worth?

I don’t think I want to do that for security reasons. But the amount is mouth-watering. It’s exciting and big I must confess.


Why did you decide to accept the role considering the fact that this movie is not your usual Nollywood secular movie?

It doesn’t matter at all, you know, we have to tell our stories; stories that will change lives the most. Like I said earlier, I find the fun and interesting. It’s something fresh. It’s something I’ve never done before. I’ll be playing two characters! This is going to be a bit of challenge for me but I’m up to the task. Since I started my career, this is the kind of roles I look out for; stories that can stretch me beyond my limit. That’s what I find interesting about the script.


You are sounding like you are too old in this industry?

Not trying to sound too old, but I’ve been doing this for 17 years. This is my 17th year and I think it will get to a point in ones career when you don’t want to accept just any scripts anymore; you become highly selec­tive with the roles you play. You want to be in control through selection. As you get older you just want a movie that will challenge you, and bring out another side of you. That’s what I feel this movie, “Mary” will do for my career.


When is the shoot starting?

We are starting from the first week of next month, and we will be shoot­ing for days.


Is this your first ever Christian role?

it is. Although I’ve acted occasion­al roles as a Christian sister in one or two secular Nollywood movies, but this certainly will be my first full role in a Christian movie.

Short takes on Rita Dominic

  • She won the Africa Movie Acad­emy Award for Best Actress in a leading role in 2012
  • She won the City People Awards in 2004 as the most outstanding actress
  • She is a member of the Roy­al Waturuocha family of Aboh Mbaise local government area in Imo State.
  • Her late parents were medical practitioners; her father, a medical doctor and her mother a nursing officer.
  • She is a graduate of Theatre Arts from the University of Port Har­court
  • Her first movie was in 1998, A time to kill.
  • She has featured in over a 100 movies
  • She owns a production company called Audrey Silver company in conjunction with her manager and business partner, Mildred Okwo.


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