Reasons women delay in getting pregnant – Expert


Onyekuziri Oluebube who is a ‘specialist’ in getting awaiting mothers pregnant through herbs, has mentioned reasons some women are unable to get pregnant as at when due.

She told Saturday Times that apart from age factor, many women are unable to conceive as on time because they don’t eat the right food, follow doctor’s prescription, problem of spiritual husband and so on.

Onyekuziri, who deals in all kinds of medicine for any type of health issues such as infections and fertility cases of the opinion that there are certain foods someone looking for the fruit of the womb should not eat. “For example, someone that has fibroid is not supposed to drink cold water and sugary drinks or eat fried foods. Unfortunately, they go behind the person treating them and take those things.

“Though body system differs, they are some people that have better system so, they get pregnant despite eating fried foods, taking cold drinks and sugary drinks. Once you understand your system, you should follow my advice,” she explained.

She advised expectant mothers to keep on trying their best without losing hope.

“They’re times women conceive at the time they are about to lose hope. Please, keep on taking the medicine given to you in herbal homes and hospitals, because if A didn’t work B will work. The one you neglect may bring success. Stop saying your infertility is a spiritual problem from your village. No. But, if you think your problem is spiritual, look into it, because most women have spiritual husbands. If you are having sex in the dream or you usually see yourself in the water, try and seek solution,” she said.

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She warned people to stop saying there are no spiritual husbands and wives. “Every woman has spiritual husbands. If your own is too jealous, automatically, it is going to disturb you. He won’t let go. He will start tormenting the person’s husband, that is why you hear a woman’s husband’s business is going down after they get married. Please, go and settle your spiritual husband. It’s for both men and women. I don’t handle this aspect, my own calling is to treat infections and tackle infertility”, she added.

Onyekuziri advised women to do fertility tests including hormonal test (HPT), check if their fallopian tubes are blocked and also check if their pelvis are okay.

She said: “An awaiting mother should be exercising day and night. Most women don’t exercise, that is why fat accumulates in every part of their bodies.

“Boil and drink guava leaves which boost ovulation, immune system, sperm count, libido and balances one’s hormones.

“Guava leaves are generally for fertility. Take it with your spouse for 60 days morning and night.

“Another one is fertility leaves known as ogirisi in Igbo language. You can boil it with guava leaves to make it more efficacious. Also, drinking boiled moringa leaves boosts fertility. You can boil it with bitter cola roots.”

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) certificate holder said she started herbal business in 2020. “This is what I love doing. I didn’t go for training on herbs practice, I inherited it from my grandmother who did it till she died.

“I had to stick to it immediately I found out that my destiny is tied to helping women to conceive and also treat infections.”

In continuing, she said she’s happy that people she had helped have been sharing testimonies.

The Orlu, Imo State born herbalist advised people to stop underrating the efficacy of roots.

Before she devoted her time fully to it, she said she asked herself, “How can a young woman like me go into the bush to pluck roots and gather herbs for medicine? I had to do it.”

Have you given patients medicines that helped them to conceive before? She was asked. She replied by saying that she won’t be able to count the number of women have conceived by using her herbal mixtures.

Additionally, the ebony black beauty revealed that she also has passion for making ladies beautiful using make-up.

Her head office is in Owerri, Imo State while her branch office is in Mushin, Lagos.

She vowed not to allow the man that will marry her to stop her from being a herbalist, adding that she was born to curb infertility using herbs because infertility has caused a lot of divorce in families.

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