Reality TV show to empower women on morals, showcase their talent _ 40$Fabulous Naija

In a bid to empower women beyond the age of 40 and challenge conventional reality TV norms, ’40 and Fabulous Nigeria TV Show’ has emerged as a beacon of hope for mature women across the nation.

Speaking at a press conference in Abuja, Jolly Nnenna Abani, the Chief Executive Officer of ‘Mother of Models International Limited’, the show aims to redefine age boundaries in the entertainment industry while offering a platform for women to reignite their aspirations and pursue their dreams.

Abani expressed her fervent belief in the untapped potential of women over 40, lamenting the prevalent disregard for their skills and experiences in mainstream media.

She emphasized, “Our mission is to welcome these women, providing them with entrepreneurship training. Support also comes from Access Bank. Women in Business incubators aid in fostering emotional intelligence.”

The programme invited Nigerian women to showcase their multitasking abilities through video submissions, offering selected participants a month-long journey of self-discovery and skill enhancement.

Abani highlighted, “During their one-month stay in the house, they receive training that stabilizes them emotionally… Experts are invited to coach and train these women, culminating in the award of a million naira to the winner.”

Despite its noble objectives, the show encountered resistance from broadcasting platforms like Africa Magic, citing skepticism about featuring older women.

The program is showing on AIT,NTA, DStv,GOtv,Startimes Zone, Free TV, Nollywood and others, made brighter by MTN.

Daniel Chukwueze, the show’s director, expressed his frustration, questioning the reluctance to embrace initiatives aimed at empowering mature women.

He urged influential figures to endorse such endeavors, stressing their importance for societal progress and transformation.

Chukwuma Kennedy Aja, the Executive Producer, raised concerns about the monopolistic nature of Nigeria’s business landscape, emphasizing the need for fair competition and equal opportunities.

He stated, “For a market to be successful, it requires openness… Growth is fueled by such competition, while monopolies stifle it.”

In response to platform restrictions, Aja reassured viewers of the show’s commitment to overcoming challenges, promising an even grander spectacle in the upcoming seasons.

He unveiled plans for international partnerships, enhanced features, and larger prizes, underscoring the show’s dedication to entertainment and education.

As the ’40 and Fabulous Nigeria TV Show’ presses forward in its mission to empower women and challenge industry norms, it stands as a testament to the resilience and potential of mature women in Nigerian society.

Despite facing platform restrictions, the show remains steadfast in its pursuit of creating inclusive and impactful content for audiences nationwide.

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