Readers’ Feedback Re: Why should he be blamed?

When relationship goes sour, who should take the blame, the husband or the wife?

I read the Relationship story ‘Why Should He Be Blamed? My advice is that the lady should not have any relationship with Damilare.
……Ben Peters, Lagos.

In the first place, why do you have to leave your previous relationship to begin another with a stranger? You don’t deserve any advice from us. Re-trace your steps and maybe one day you will find another man.
……Oluwatosin Alade, Ekiti.

Both spouses have a fair share of blame to take here; the lady should not have walked out of her first relationship for no reason.
…..Muyinat Sanni, Lagos.

My advice for you is to forget about Damilare and start a new life because Damilare would want to pay you back for what you’ve done.
…Huseenat, Ikeja, Lagos.

In my opinion, I think the lady in question should forget both of them and start with someone else.
….Tobilola, Ogba, Lagos.

My advice for the lady: you should look for someone better and forget about both Nifemi and Damilare because neither of them are worth living with.
…Bolanle, Ikorodu, Lagos.

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