Raphael Ogungbire introduces fashion brand, Mip’s World

In the world of ever-changing trends of fashion, Raphael Ogungbire has carved an enviable niche for his fashion brand – the Mip’s World.

He’s focused and enthusiastic about creative designs. Even though from the nooks of the ancient city of Ogbomoso; he’s changing the narratives of fashion, he’s breaking every barriers and encumbrances towards attaining a pivotal height in the fashion stratum.

In his words, he says “I intentionally launched the Mip’s World here in Ogbomoso about seven years ago in other to create a fashion hub that’s comparatively at par with other fashion brands in the country and beyound the shores of Nigeria”.

For Raphael, fashion is artistic; so he combines modern contemporary arts and ancient traditional looks to create a blend of exquisite and storytelling wears.

He has worked on the production of wears that depict cultural motifs, foster national history and religious beliefs.

Raphael isn’t just a fashionista but also a spring of inspiration to other young men who are committed to making it big and legally especially through SME at youthful age that nothing is impossible to achieve.

He has trained young men in this wise.

He’s committed to more future engagements towards getting bigger and better at every given time.

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