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Prince Tejuoso Can't Vote, Waliu Taiwo Demands Jega's Sack

The Ogun State Central District Senatorial Candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate, Prince Lanre Tejuoso was among the thousands of residents who could not partake in the elections on Saturday due to inability to obtain his Permanent Voters Card.
Tejuoso, in an interview with reporters, expressed displeasure over the fact that he could not even vote for himself, as he was told that his PVC was not ready.
He said that he had his temporary voters card (TVC) with him, but expressed sadness that he would have to wait till the coming election when the rest of the PVC’s will be distributed.
While speaking to newsmen at the Ago Oko, Ward 3 Units 5,6 and 7 centre where he should have received his accreditation, Tejuoso declared that the accreditation process was unimpressive, noting the many challenges of the card readers.
Also, the Ogun State Senatorial candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dr. Busola Sodipo-Clark  at the Ago Odo,  Ikereku Ward 1, where she was accredited, said that she would have preferred an extension of the accreditation time because of the problems associated with the card readers.

Her words: “What I can see from the accreditation so far is that there was a massive turnout. My only concern is with the card reader. A lot of people have come out and the card readers seem not to be working, so  they have to fill the incident form and others have to wait to be accredited manually.”

She disclosed that she is planning to lay complaint with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

“I have been accredited but it took a long time and this has caused quite a queue, as far as the card reader is concerned,” she said.

Sodipo-Clarke argued that the card readers should have been well tested before the election day.
“We need time, maybe if we had had a pre-election to perfect the usage of the card reader, but no. There are numerous complaints and anything that is new needs some time for it to be well tested.

“We are not particularly into technology, but we will gradually get there”.

But the PDP Senatorial Candidate for Ogun West, Hon Waliu Taiwo expressed satisfaction to the whole process.

He said: “So far, so good. The election has been peaceful. We’ve not heard of any molestation of voters. The arrangement was good even during accreditation

He, however, added that his reservation was with the card readers. His words: “The report from polling units was that a lot of the card readers failed. I have a report from a unit that they have just accredited 21 people since morning. If you look at the time now, the card readers have rejected some thumbs.

“I have instructed that they should not leave here because it took them so much time before they got the PVCs and one stupid machine is not recognizing them. It is not the fault of the voters. That’s the fault INEC.

“These people should be given opportunity to exercise their franchise. We had earlier foreseen that this card reader will fail, introducing this kind of technology in this environment is not too good.
“I wonder what (INEC chairman) Professor (Attahiru) Jega is up to. In the first place, the registration we did in 2011 had photographs. Registers have photographs. What else do you want? What other form of identification do you need?

“If there’s going to be sabotage, it is from INEC. All the people calling for Jega’s removal have been vindicated. This is an election going on, there’s no second position in election whatever happened cannot be undone.

“It is not too late for Jega to put the accreditation aside and do normal accreditation.

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