Presidency reacts to report of Aisha Buhari, daughter escaping plane crash

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The presidency on Saturday reacted to the reports of Aisha Buhari, the wife of the president and their daughter, Hanan, allegedly escaping a plane crash, Daily Times Nigeria reports.

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According to  reports, Aisha and Hanan were travelling on a jet with registration number GIV N52MK belonging to her in-law, Mohammed Indimi, when the jet  reportedly lost complete control for 10 minutes, while only one hour away from approaching the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja,

Report further said that the members on board were taken for medical treatment and examination upon arrival.

However, a presidential source has debunked the report, saying it was full of lies and unverified claims.

Meanwhile, the spokesman to the First Lady, Aliyu Abdullahi, when contacted by newsmen, said he was still waiting for details of what happened from his principal, but he urged citizens to treat social media reports with extreme caution, as most outlets do not respect ethics of journalism.

He stated, “I’m trying to confirm what happened so I can’t really… If you’ll give me time to confirm it’s okay, but if not, my advice is you have to take with a pinch or even a truckload of salt, most of the news coming from these online media, they are not hundred percent or even close to that, most of the time, from my own experience.

“Mostly they give about 10% information and then they go on to escalate and exaggerate their report to 100%. That’s not how journalism works,” he said.

Abdulahi, however, promised to reach back with credible information about what happened after he must have spoken with the First Lady.

However, another reliable Presidency source, who knows the family, but who pleaded anonymity, told newsmen that most of the claims of the popular version of the report online boldly dished out lies.

According to the source, besides the fact that the First Lady is back indeed, there was no other fact in the report that justified the truth.

“There’s no flight of Alhaji Indimi that has flown in the last two months; you won’t find it anywhere and that’s a fact. But these people claimed it was Indimi’s aircraft, they even quoted number. It is not true that the aircraft wanted to crash, this is another lie. Since they claimed it was carrying just six persons, how did they come about their story of crash threat? There were normal, air travel turbulences, which was normal. So the so-called ‘control loss for 10 minutes’ is also a fantasy.

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“Another outright lie in their news is the claim that Hanan was aboard. This is not true. She did not travel to Dubai; how could she be returning from Dubai? I was with her on Monday. All these people are not journalists because they cannot be journalists and be attacking the image of the profession with lies the way all these so-called online media platforms are doing it,” the source said.

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