Post-Valentine survey says condoms out of reach for many Nigerians


February is regarded as national condom month. The World Health Organization said condoms are fun, sexy, and can make a good thing great.

They reiterated that, “condoms are safe and highly effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections when used correctly and consistently, for any form of sex,.”

In other words, it is vital that people should look after their sexual health.

But in our society, it is rare to see people boldly buying condoms in stores for fear of being suspected to be having extra marital affairs.

A trader, Larry Tope, narrated how some years ago an itinerant gospel preacher was nearly lynched at Toyota bus stop, Lagos after a packet of condom allegedly fell out of his Bible while preaching to passengers. “The angry mobs beat him mercilessly before a team of policemen rescued him.”

Tope said he was told that the mob beat him because while preaching, he warned people wearing trousers, make-up and weave-on to stop it so that they would not go to hellfire like people who usually have sex before marriage.

“In our society, people regard you as someone that’s is going to have extra marital affairs when then they see you buying condoms. But, they supposed to understand that a married man can used condom on his wife who is breastfeeding or seeing her period. Secondly, a couple can decide to use condoms to space their children and avoid another pregnancy when their child is still breastfeeding or too small to have a younger brother or sister.”

He recalled a popular saying that: “The most patient customers in this world are those buying condoms. They will always say, “Serve him first, I will wait.”

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Tope emphasized that he used condoms on his wife occasionally, but buys it in a store where no one knows him to avoid fake news that may scatter his marriage.

He called on the federal government to subsidise condoms stressing that it is quite expensive, especially, in February during the Valentine’s Day celebration.

A condom user posted online said on February 14, that, “the cheapest condom is now ₦850.00 and nobody is saying anything about it. If it’s petrol you people will keep complaining and be shouting everywhere.”

He appealed to the government to help them by disbursing it in all public health centres (PHC), clinics, especially in villages to reduce sexually transmitted diseases.

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