Philanthropy makes entrepreneurship meaningful, says Trillbjm, CEO of Fashionnova Nigeria


The unprecedented act of philanthropy especially by Nigerian big-name entrepreneurs since the advent of the lockdown occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic has generated a lot of commendations from the public even as CEO of Fashionnova Nigeria, Oyemonlan Benjamin Oseoje, popularly known as Trillbjm, asserted that altruism is expected of true entrepreneurs.

He made the statement during an Instagram live chat with his followers. According to him: “Engaging in philanthropic work gives you perspective and shows you what truly matters in life.

It also, consequently, makes you a better leader who sets an example for his followers on the importance of helping others who are in need and couldn’t help themselves at that material time.”

Declaring himself a humanitarian, Trillbjm further stated: “ I believe philanthropy is God-like, if we go by religion, after all, the greatest law in the Bible is “love your neighbour as you love yourself. How better can I portray that, if I don’t have love for humanity?”

Continuing, the serial entrepreneur explained how he has been trying to live his life by the philosophy of altruism.

“Aside from the random acts of kindness to neighbours, colleagues and strangers, I do participate in fundraisers and charity events.

I also do some other stuff every day, including offering financial assistance randomly to random people, helping a child in need and providing scholarships to some people that can’t afford to go to school,” he said.

While he considered Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg as his business role models, Trillbjm averred that he admires Bill Gates for his philanthropy. “He is a shining example and a reminder to every successful entrepreneur about the imperative of giving back to society,” he said.

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