People’s Democratic Party Not in as Deep Waters as It Seems

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The last few months had brought to the limelight the issues within the People’s Democratic Party. As scruples continued between two factions of the party, people have started to doubt their support towards the party.

The internal dispute started with the Rivers Governor, Nyesom Wike, demanding Iyorchia Ayu to resign and step down from the post of the National chairman of the party. According to Wike, Ayu should step down and let another Southerner take the post. The party is very short on candidates from the South, with Ayu, Abubakar (the presidential candidate) and the heads of the various departments of the party belonging to the North. Wike believes that Ayu is one of the most divisive leaders that the party has ever witnessed, and wants him to resign so that the party can overcome this imbalance in power.

In return, Ayu called his opponents “children” who don’t understand why the party was founded in the first place. He was elected by the people, and where he belonged was not a part of the selection criteria. So he is not going to step down to appease some mere children who don’t see the bigger picture.

If this were a sports match, you could have used M-Bet to place some wagers on your team, but this is politics, and people can only watch as the drama unfolds. There is nothing much that the public can do because the issues need to be resolved within the party members themselves. But such a public display of discontentment works heavily against the PDP, and affects their performance in the upcoming elections.

Obviously, a third person is making use of this opportunity and putting it to their advantage. Prince Adewole Adebayo from the Social Domestic Party has accused the PDP (along with APC), of being one of the problems that the country needs to get rid off. He accused both the parties of corruption and said that these parties smuggled the resources out of the country.

But PDP’s National Publicity Secretary, Debo Ologunagba has a different tune. He is pretty sure that all this conflict will not affect the outcome of the 2023 election. A lot of people have been defecting to the party, and that is proof enough of the dedication that the party has towards its people. According to Ologunagba, the success of the party lies in the fact that even after all the unpleasantries among the members of the party, they are united when it comes to the issues of Nigeria.

With so much going on, it remains to be seen which party takes the lead in the future. The internal conflict has raised a lot of questions for the people supporting the party. Even Wike himself came into the limelight for saying that he would help PDP lose in the 2023 election. He accused Ayu of greed, because instead of bringing peace to his party, he was busy dividing it, all so that he could attain more power.

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