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The great Confluence State of Kogi is on the March again, seeking a worthy and an inclusive Governor as the Alhaji Yahaya Bello era winds down in a few months. This time the challenge before the people of Kogi State is the call for a broad-based Kogi where Christians are given a sense of belonging as well as Muslims and people of other religious bent.

Our Dear State is a Multi-ethnic, Multi-lingual and a Multi-religious one. It is the melting-pot of all that defines the Nigerian State. It is the first political capital of Nigeria, and by Jove should set the pace for genuine inclusiveness in governance.

We have witnessed a plethora of debate ranging from how many Igala people have governed Kogi to how many Ebira people or Okun people have governed Kogi. Sadly this debate has left unaddressed the major issues of Faith and Religion.

Yes the Okun people have a valid call for a shot at the Governorship, but even more compelling and challenging is the fact that no Christian has ever been elected Governor of Kogi State.

Kogi as a Multi-religious State must now live true to what it says on paper. It is time for Kogi to give to her Christians a true sense of belonging, and it is time for Kogi stakeholders and the political class to give to the Christian population a hand of fellowship.

Our call is not only about religious inclusiveness, it is about sustaining the present trajectory of Youths in governance, and above all about competency, capacity and commitment to the common good.

To the great people of Kogi we present an effective and efficient Igala son, an erudite Lawyer, and very importantly one who has the competency, the capacity, the compassion and the requisite commitment necessary to turn Kogi State around for good.

Barrister Okeme Adejo is the choice of the broadest class of the Kogi demography, the Youths, he connects with Muslims, Christians and Traditionalists being the scion of one of the most effective Women Leader in the history of Kogi State. Okeme combines a great strength of character with a deep sense of humility and respect for Elders.

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Okeme holds the Labour Party Governorship Ticket, he is a foremost Obidient and a Leader in every sense of the word. Barrister Adejo Okeme is not only an Igala, he is an illustrious son of Kogi committed to building a Kogi State where all ethnicities have a true sense of brotherhood and belonging. He is a devout Christian with huge commitment to building a great Kogi where the freedom of worship is sustained and members of various faiths given the opportunity to reach their fullest potentials.

Okeme is the question-mark on the conscience of a State that must do right. He is the olive-branch ready to truly unite a State replete with people of variegated tendencies. He comes with an uncommon cord of brotherhood and love, and he will create a great Kogi where inclusiveness is of primacy. To all well-meaning and progressive minded Kogites we present Barrister Okeme Adejo.

We shall in due course present to our Dear people of Kogi State the laudable agenda and Manifesto of Barrister Okeme.

We hereby call on the high and the mighty, the low and the struggling, the women and our mothers, the Young and the old to join hands with us as we accelerate the call for the next Governor of Kogi to be a Christian of Igala descent, and above all one with great competency, character, capacity, compassion and commitment to the common good.

To Kogi State and a nation in dire need of Justice, Inclusiveness and oneness, we present Barrister Okeme Adejo.

Abubakar Haruna
Concerned Citizens For Justice And Inclusion In Kogi.

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