Pathetic story of Omotolani Asimiyu, 28, who’s bedridden after romance with grandpa, 85

Omotolani Asimiyu


The notion of girls being ‘used’ became arguably during the current generation. ‘Used,’ in this context translates to being object of ritual endeavours.

However, that is not to say that ritualists did not abound before now, especially on the African continent.

But it has been argued that crave for easy means of livelihood that pervades the society these days usually lures young ladies to where they could be in danger of being ‘used.’

But the case of Omotolani Asimiyu appears confusing. She was a bubbling young and beautiful lady about five years ago.

But things changed for her around 2020. Since that period, she has been in and out of hospitals and diagnostic centres. Now, she is lying decapitated in the premises of a white garment church. That was when her situation defied all medical applications.

Was she ‘used?’ Did she act as the architect of her own predicament by her actions and inactions? This is the question being tried to answer. Now, her family members are accusing her elderly former lover, simply identified as Baba Dada, said to be about 85-year-old, as being behind the fate that befell her. Baba Dada is said to sell gin around Oke-Ado area of Ibadan, Oyo State.

According to Motolani Asimiyu’s elder sister, Mrs. Abosede Adetuberu, the lady’s travails began to manifest in December of 2021.

Speaking with Saturday Times about her younger one’s ordeal, she said: “In December 2021, she came back from Lagos to stay with me. She came back with a baby; but the baby could neither sit nor walk. Then, I detected that she (Tolani) used to drink gin a lot.

“Then, I talk to her about the gin she was taking; she stop drinking it, only for her, not too long, to continue drinking it. Then, I told my husband about the matter and he said we ded to take care of her. I agreed, but insisted that she needed to take the baby to his father, as we couldn’t take care of the two of them.

“Then, we gave her money to go back to Lagos and return the child. But, according to her, she didn’t find the father of the child where they were living. She said he had absconded.

“Thereafter, she was to stay with someone around the area in Lagos. From there, the baby died.

“She called me and told me the baby was no more and the father’s family didn’t collect the baby’s copse from her, but someone helped her to find somewhere to bury the baby. I then told her to come back to Ibadan. She came and since I detest seeing her drinking gin, I took her to my church.

“She was staying there and was getting better. Not too long this man (Baba Dada) took her away from that church. And she started staying with that baba. And then she continued drinking. She lied to me that she was traveling to Lagos to work. I told her not to go, but she insisted. Then, I allowed her, not knowing that she was staying with this baba in Oke-Ado, Ibadan. That was last year (2002) around August.

“She later came around and told me she was back from Lagos. I asked her where her clothes were and she said they were with her friend and that she would be staying with her. I asked to know that friend of hers and she said that was ok and that the next day, she would come and pick me.

“As she was going that day, as she turned, I saw the back of her leg; there was a big gash of wound there. I screamed and demanded to know how it came by. She then told me she fell from an okada (motorcycle). I argued that it did not look like a wound from an accident. That was when she said hot rice got poured on her leg at her friend’s house.

“I didn’t know she was staying with this same baba. Then, someone told me about this baba and I went to get him arrested. He was taken to Iyaganku Area Command in Ibadan. They told him to treat her. We both treated her at that time and she stayed with me.

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“Not too long after, she went back to him and this man. I believe this man is desperate; he can do an undo. So, I just allow her to go.

“Now, when this development came up, as I had spent a lot of money on this issue, I had to go and carry her away from that place by deceiving the man, Baba Dada, that I was taking her to the hospital. However, instead, I took her to the church. That was where they told me that the man was using her.”

Several calls made to Baba Dada were not answered. But when a text message was sent to his line on 07061347330 by our reporter, the number was used to call back, but the caller was a younger person, who claimed, after much pressing, that he was his son, Emmanuel.

Emmanuel vehemently claimed that the man (his father) could not speak.

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