OPPO launches humanitarian initiative to feed 5,000 vulnerable Nigerians

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in Lagos in the early weeks of March, OPPO Mobile Nigeria has since taken a very responsive approach in educating Nigerians on how to stay safe and stop the spread of the virus.

In order to walk the talk, the ‘OPPO Care’ initiative was launched to provide feeding solutions to many Nigerians who have difficulties providing for themselves, as a result of the recent lockdown placed by the Government.

In an attempt to reduce the impact of the Covid-19 lockdown in Lagos, the most affected Nigerian city with respect to the pandemic, OPPO Mobile Nigeria partners with Lagos Food Bank to provide food relief items to people living in the most impoverished localities of Lagos State.

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The OPPO Care package will include the most popular stable food items consumed by Nigeria across various classes of food, to ensure that all beneficiaries have access to a decent diet regardless of their current financial status. OPPO intends to support the vulnerable Nigerians through its corporate social responsibility while also educating them on how to stay alive during the pandemic.

The Public Relations Manager of OPPO Nigeria, Mr. Joseph Adeola, emphasized that “helping the vulnerable Nigerians survive Covid-19 is a crucial step, however ensuring that the Nigerians who survive the virus don’t die from hunger and/or starvation is just as important”.

He further encouraged other brands in the country to lend a helping hand to the poor and vulnerable communities within the state.

He further added that no form of aid/assistance is too small and little drops of water make a mighty ocean.

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