Ooni of Ife: Ifa warned us about the COVID-19 pandemic, present agitations, and now politicians are being warned


Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II, the Ooni of Ife, has cautioned lawmakers to avoid evil habits such as lying, corruption, and other vices that could lead to the country’s demise.

On Sunday, during the ceremonies commemorating the completion of the 2021 World Ifa Festival, Ooni Ogunwusi issued the warning.

The monarch, who referred to Ifa as God’s voice, demanded that its decrees be followed and that sacrifices be made to avert evils as specified by Orunmila.

“In 2019, Ifa predicted a pandemic, but the world paid little or no heed, dismissing it as idol worshiping,” he claims. The COVID-19, on the other hand, came to prove them wrong. We were thankfully protected from the deadly wave.

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“Also last year, Ifa said there would be several agitations like we have across the country today, we have prayed and we shall keep praying.

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“In the corpus named OseKaran, Ifa revealed that most of our challenges are the handiwork of desperate politicians. Ifa warned them sternly to desist from their evil ways or wait to face the wrath of Olodumare.

“Above all, Orunmila said there won’t be war and all challenges currently facing us as a country would soon be a thing of the past and we shall emerge prosperous very soon.”

Also, Ooni Ogunwusi called on all Yoruba traditional rulers to sustain the promotion of the prestigious Yoruba culture and traditions through festivals and other ancient activities, towards the preservation of the heritage to generations yet unborn.

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