Okwilague Shamac Ibrahim: One of the giants behind the passport movie

Remember when Okwilague Shamac Ibrahim said that he had the natural talent to make a ground-breaking film?

Well, his dreams continue to come true as the film Passport dominates Nigerian theatres and breaks the internet.

The narrative of Oscar and Funke, two people on varying poles of the melancholy sphere both of whom were yearning for some exuberance in their affairs, is well-told in the film. Oscar sought assistance from a tomgirl who resided in the slums to get his passport recovered.

He had to cooperate with her if he does not want to mess up a flight to a crucial work meeting.

Oscar, a wealthy man, appoints the aid of Kopiko, a fiery tomgirl who runs a security company, to escape the repercussions of having his passport stolen.

The storyline is full of expeditions that lead the characters into moments of difficulty as well as moments of joy, sadness, and passion.

An improved perspective on the world and perhaps genuine romance are two traits that these two disparate people could uncover at the outset of the movie, and whether or not they had succeeded in their aspirations.

It was hilarious how the movie had terminology that will become popular among viewers and parodies.

Zubby Michael and Mercy Johnson both uttered the following phrases: “These include Ogbomoso Davido, if you don’t get respect, you must get fear.”

This movie’s main leads, Jim Iyke and Mercy Johnson are what set it apart.

Audiences are propelled to expect the seasoned actors to deliver great portrayals, starting with the exposition of their unique personalities and continuing through the major showdown.

As a result, the excitement is immeasurable as we have not seen these two characters, with whom we experienced childhood, together in a moment. It already appears friendly based on the preview.

On the other hand, Greatiby, sponsors, actors, and the entire production team are genuinely happy with how much work they put into the movie and are encouraged by the reception so far.

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