Ofada Rice Day Festival set for 5th edition

Ofada Rice Day Festival

..As Shina Peters, Reminisce others billed to perform

The annual Ofada Rice Day Festival, the biggest indigenous food festival in Nigeria that celebrates Nigerian heritage, particularly the nutritious home- grown food is set for its 5th edition billed hold on Sunday December 3, 2023 at the Muri Okunola Park, Victoria Island, Lagos.

With the 2023 edition tagged ‘Ofadabration’, the event is aimed to feed Nigeria with Nigerian food, promoting the consumption of locally grown, healthful meals.

Speaking about the forthcoming event, Oluwatobi Fletcher, disclosed that being a Sunday event, the event will be a family fun-fair outing that will be curated in a manner that allows attendees, with their families (including Children), to buy food from various vendors, in addition to items given out by sponsors, while watching different entertaining performances by multiple artists.

He said ‘This year’s event will take another shape as guests will be treated to live performance by veteran juju maestro, Sir Shina Peters, Reminisce and a host of other talented artists that will be unveiled as the planning progresses.

Hosted by Gbenga Adeyinka (GCFR) and Tomike Adeoye; the Ofada Rice Day Festival is equally an event that helps to provide vital information to support local farmers to increase cultivation, enhancing Nigeria’s agricultural sector. The festival will also impact agro tourism by attracting tourists and visitors who are interested in experiencing Nigeria’s unique culinary traditions.

Hence, the partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Lagos State, further bolsters these efforts.

In summary, the Ofada Rice Day Festival is not just a cultural experience but a strategic initiative to promote food security, good health, and agricultural prosperity, ensuring a healthier, more prosperous Nigeria for future generations.


The World Ofada Rice Day Festival is an indigenous event hosted to showcase Nigeria’s cultural heritage and celebrate her exquisite food, fashion, and diverse expression of her culture.

Over the years, this event has earned its place in the Lagos social calendar, recording a massive turnout of participants in various editions and generating significant buzz across social and traditional media.

This year’s edition will be held, like the previous editions at Muri Okunola Park, VI, Lagos. With an estimated guest size of over 6,000 participants & over 30 indigenous food varieties on display and major entertainers on stage, this year’s edition will be bigger and more grand than previous editions. PAST EDITIONS 4 Editions 15,000 Guests Combined 100 Indigenous Food Display

The beginning

“Before Ofadaboy, Ofada rice was only a staple food accessible to very few. With Ofadaboy, Ofada rice has become widely accessible and now has a day of celebration; World Ofada Rice Day.”

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Ten years ago, Oluwatobi Fletcher sought to glamorize African cuisine and bring its unique taste, style, and presentation to life, founding the Ofadaboy brand. Primarily existing as a commercial enterprise, the brand achieved significant success.

However, a deep desire not to settle for the status quo propelled its founder to seek more ingenious ways of drawing the world’s attention to the miracle of Ofada Rice.

Ofadaboy birthed World Ofada Rice day to showcase the uniqueness of Ofada globally, promote indigenous culinary enterprise (bringing local food vendors from the hinterlands to sell), and curate a family fun-fair event for Lagos’ boisterous population. Successfully holding this event for four years has been no mean feat, with each year being more extensive than the last.

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