Obama Lied, He Has My Number- Kanye West


On Thursday, President Barack Obama was a guest at Jimmy Kimmel Live and the host told Obama that Kanye once said that he (Obama) has his home phone number.

In a statement, Kanye said that he’s had the ability to build relationships with amazing people and speak with amazing people. He then said he can “call Obama out of the blue, Obama calls the home phone by the way.”

Kimmel jokingly asked if the President has been talking to Kanye a lot lately and the Obama said they’ve only met twice.

“The first time when I was a senator, and he was with his mom, and he had just gotten big. He is from Chicago and so they wanted to meet. And he was very soft-spoken, very gracious,” Obama said. “About six months ago, he came to an event.”

Maybe Kanye thinks he and the President are BFF’s, it’s clear that Obama doesn’t feel the same way.

“Look, I love his music, he’s incredibly creative, but I don’t think I’’ve got his home number,” Obama said.

That one ended on Thursday but yesterday Kanye again insisted that president Obama has his number . According to TMZ who spoke to Kanye west on Friday, he reiterated that Obama has called Kanye’s home and therefore has his number.

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