No regret turning Pro –Franklin

In the two-plus years since Missy Franklin won five Olympic medals, she has taken hip-hop dance classes, and spent all-nighters studying with her teammates in the Cal library, fueled by coffee and cornbread.

She has dabbled with spinning and pilates as supplements to her swimming regimen, but has not endorsed a single product or taken sponsorship money from even one corporation.

Aside the aforementioned, she has not earned a penny for the swimming skills that have made her famous.

In a few days, all that will change. Franklin is competing in her final collegiate meet this weekend, the NCAA women’s swimming and diving championships at the Greensboro Aquatic Center.

In the coming weeks, after just two years of college life, the 19-year-old will choose an agent and will decide where to live as she ramps up her training for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

And she will not regret her decision to bypass millions of dollars in endorsement and sponsorship money that could have been hers had she opted to begin her professional career immediately after her 2012 London success that included four gold medals.

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